Future Diary

June 11 [Thu], 2009, 12:33
Honestly, the only reason I've taken up writing an online diary is because of a manga I just recently started reading. It's called "Mirai Nikki" aka "Future Diary". It's really good, and I love everything about it. The cute, wussy, tries to have balls main character; the yandere stalker girl; the homosexual detective; the lolita terrorist. The plot is really good too. I wish I could have a future diary. That's not why I'm making this though. I just feel like writing will take things off of my mind and help me be happier.
This weekend may be a little fun though. Tomorrow I may go to the movies! Probably not though. I don't have any money, and I have to babysit. But Dawn is staying the night Friday, and I may go to Corey's graduation party Saturday! It'll probably be fun. I promised Jonathan he could borrow 1 - 4 of my Silent Hill games. He should be coming to get them Friday.. So I decided I need to beat Silent Hill 3. It's really fun, but it's also really hard! Gotta keep going though! I really do wish he'd play them at my house though. He hasn't been over in a while, and I love watching people play Silent Hill... Anyway, I hope he does come over to visit a lot this summer! :D I've been having a lot more confidence lately, and I don't even care if I'm rejected at all, so I may just invite him over! I will care a little though if I get rejected for Lindsay though.. T _T He hangs out with her a lot, and if he cancels with me to go see her, I'll just feel very unspecial.. haha~
Oh well though! I am unspeacial, so it doesn't really bother me much!
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