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December 22 [Thu], 2011, 17:38
Nearly all of you, as you know currently, Johannesburg Spain won the title of World Cup perform off match towards the Netherlands yesterday in front of a crowd of 88 000 in South Africa. It is actually within the heritage of your tournament to mark the final victory on the nation's initial Earth Cup, the gamers absolutely couldn't be far more pleased with the trophy to consider back to Spain.

Nevertheless they will not be just taking the trophy. This calendar year, Discount Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Bag Inspiree M93414 for sale will display a trophy, a special transporting situation to move it all-around in South Africa (obviously, entire using a spot of white gloves) structure. Appropriate, so Monogram is extremely moderate. One day, I get what I need for being calme, as the situation demands it very own customized Vuitton.

Paris Hilton, celebutante and heir clear, the greater is happening in Africa right now where I heard this full earth cup thingy, appreciate. She has it on her planet (which retains all of her rhinestone-studded vuvuzelas possibly), to ensure would've essential all parts of the Discount Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Bag Artsy MM M93449 for sale, in Paris, the world Cup To be aware of is not displayed appropriately involved, she is heading anyhow. I told her of which the U.S. has definitely been removed by anyone?

Given that I am aware that every one that do not look quick around the uptake of Paris, especially since it is actually a minor throughout the two weeks to determine that you will discover events occurring around the entire world, I took her by Kashimasen to! There are plenty of cameras! It can be like Cannes, but what's the ball! [Paris Hilton / Ball Insert joke here. ]

[OK], and we're probably just jealous. Her journey to the Louis Vuitton baggage and her Entire world Cup. And also the proximity of her warm soccer player. Indeed, it truly is what stings most.
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