The fashion capital of Paris

December 16 [Fri], 2011, 14:46
Showcase the city as a face, as a veteran of the fashion capital of Paris and a lot of the much more contemporary Shanghai, have gathered quite a few in the best brands, leading the trend with the globe, these well-known brands of shop windows typically may be the reflection of urban fashion style in some cases naive expression, in some cases the expression of desire, and in some cases full of cultural atmosphere, and occasionally extreme materialistic. . . They're part of bones in these cities, to ensure that by way of these windows in front of people, quietly, when the glimpse with the stop, they might face in these pictures and see some of my feelings on such a fascination with the fashion capital feelings. Last October, when, as one particular of Paris's most well-known department retailers with the three key department store Le Bon march¡§|, when the window let in a group of this series:

Soon after two days ago in Shanghai's Plaza Court, located here in November 24, 2011 to 30 also for this very same topic "Num¡§|ro Fashion Cube Rubik's Cube Digital Fashion" exhibition, the exhibition might be inviting 12 well-known fashion houses and designers, which includes Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Diesel Black Gold, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Herm¡§¡§s, Marc Jacobs, Joyce, Lanvin, Tod's, Roger Vivier, and Louis Vuitton (in alphabetical order), is going to be their lucky numbers to unique creative approach presented in front of people today. Before and just after the two cities of Paris and Shanghai, this identical concept is derived from "Num¡§|ro" founder and editorial director Babeth Djian, but in the "Num¡§|ro" the call of different styles to attract big-name designers have been together, inspiration for the exclusive sway of their creation, complete with digital digital fashion magic cube.

This month will probably be converted to a different fashion themes, to recommend the most popular fashion design, the most popular works of fashion designers, as nicely as the hottest thing in fashion fashion showcase the city, just like as if it were a fashion lecturer, not just put a few pieces of clothes and a large crowd in front from the spotlight, but a lot more emphasis on intellectual and clear guidance, each revealing different brands show different fashion ideas and culture, of course, a city of fashion's most direct expression with the spirit.

The DIOR this show is a tribute to Mr. Xiang Diao on the Dior VIII senior watch VIDEO, watch this series of eight names from the letters, which is the founder of Dior's lucky number. Dior Design Studio was founded in October 8, 1946; his first couture line named "en huit" (huit that the French figures "8"); Dior fashion in the eighth district of Paris-based world-famous Avenue Montaigne; and Dior fine watch and jewelry boutique flagship retailer is located in Paris, Fontaine Square 8. Far more importantly, in this classic style, very attractive women on the watch dial, in particular, the use of "VIII" from the Roman numerals to highlight the 8 o'clock this lucky moment. The entire series of tables and sophisticated ultra-thin case design is simple and neat accessories. Bracelet with pyramid shaped high-precision ceramic cutting, elegant and noble. Time goes by, in the section on light exposure, light shine, like Dior Lady Dior handbag on "cannage" Check line in the same pattern Teng, demonstrating the beauty and timeless design.
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