2009年02月07日(土) 17時17分
goodbye yaplog.
you've served me well

those who want to know where i've shifted to...
would probably know? ha.
it's somewhere here anyways =)


2009年01月31日(土) 20時44分
i havent not blogged in a long time
meaning, it was pretty recent that i last blogged
but it feels like forever for whatever reason

i actually have a lot to complain
however you put it
but too damn tired of recalling everything
then blog it out once again
so i shall just leave it as it is

i'm damn tired.

junechan's going on semi-hiatus until bangkok smtown and post-smtown until comeback itself i think
cow's prolly gonna go on hiatus till her finals are over
i think i'm going on a full hiatus until exams are over, really.
i'm so gonna miss rolling my eyes at lame jokes man.

fass damn slow lah

but mini thing to be happy over: i changed my cui phone already! =D

i cant believe i spent one whole hour
5 different shops
2 different shopping malls
just searching for kayeewhy
i nearly screamed when the salesgirl at the last shop said "i think i might not have it.."
thank goodness i told her to double check -_-"

i cant believe there's someone around me who had ki's kind of fringe
and i didnt notice it until tutorial today
it was such an in-my-face situation yet i didnt notice

and the dumb thing is
my secret wishes have been coming through
oh man
this is scary
though those things are minute
but it's still scary.............

and i just checked my tutorial groups.
i think imma die of laughter.
oh man.........................

ha. oh well.

splitting headache. 

2009年01月19日(月) 23時18分
yes i've a totally splitting headache right now
most likely due to the lack of sleep
fussing over my precious laptop
but it's in the "emergency" room right now
aka. the school's IT help place
trying to revive itself
and i really mean, NOW, it's trying to revive itself
cos the IT help guy said he'll run the thing for me through the night
poor laptop
i hope it survives
it's so young >.<

i crashed korean lecture today!
just reminds me how terrible my korean is.
i mean, i know the vocab and the grammar
but gosh. my particle-ing is TERRIBLEEEE.
*someone save me*
but clara and the two other guys asked me to continue crashing LOL
so that seonsaengnim will think i'm a regular
and probably allow me to go on immersion with them
shall see how. LOL
my timetable is already packed as it is
how to squeeze in an invisible seventh mod man
can't afford to screw up this sem yet again -_-"

i feel so friendly this semester
i've been talking to a million and one new people ever since school started.
let's see.
first lect of the sem i got to know clara's friend
then during TR i got to know all my groupmates
situation called for it anyway
then thursday's JSS briefing there was this unknown girl siying or something
and today's JSS assignment i got to know like ten new people at least
then after crashing today's korean lecture i got to know these 2 guys.
seriously man. i need to start remembering names
and not go down the corridor saying "hi" but in my brain it goes "okay so who was that.." kinda thing. >.<

need to take care of my headache
goodnight world.

before that.
i realise purikura machines just make you look like you've got big eyes and fair skin
taking purikura with the jap girls today was like 0___o
okay no.1 first time taking purikura in singapore
no.2 they're so fair, i'm so dark, and i look like i'm just as fair as them
no.3 my eyes looked HUGE. like, eyeliner kind of huge 0_o i wasn't even wearing make up.....

okie. srsly.
goodnight world.

long time no see 

2009年01月18日(日) 21時34分
it's been 2 weeks since i last blogged 0_o
seems pretty long for me
since i used to blog almost everyday
and sometimes even twice a day

timetable is terrible this sem
and i foresee that my workload is gonna be twice as terrible as last sem's
blogposts are gonna dwindle like nuts
hopefully i can at least write what i feel like, when i feel like it, regularly
or else this place is gonna be ghastly quiet. =X

i hope i can do at least one of the summer exchanges after this sem
obviously i'd very much like to get into the KU one
though it's gonna be sweltering summer over therr
probably even hotter than singapore >.<
but most importantly i wanna go there and do the intensive course
and at least pass TOPIK 4
so that i'm one step closer to finishing all six levels

ms moon emailed me and said she wanted to talk to me
i think it's to discuss the level-up-review thing
hmm. but i've yet to give her my contact details
what i'm worried is that, even if we can work something out
i might not be able to stick to the plan
oh wells.
we shall see.

cny's around the corner
i dont really wanna have the visiting and seeing all the relatives part
i managed to "escape" the one in 2008
but i can't this year
since i told my mom i didnt wanna come back for CNY last year
so she could just conveniently tell them "oh, she's in japan for a short break"

suddenly recalled what taem said in the monologue
made me realise quite a few things.
oh well.

how will anyone know how well you belong to the stage?
who gives anyone the right to choose?
it's a dream.
an unfulfilled one.

watched red cliff 2!
i'm pretty surprised i actually understood/could predict the tactics they were gonna use
HA. i feel abit more intellectual now. =X
but i just dont get why they've to give zhouyu the tang yuans.
to signify that they look to him as "leader" and they're united?
if so, i dont see why it's so significant... like, isn't it obvious already.

marketing. math. micro. macro. econometrics. ent-marketing.
darn it.

one more day 

2009年01月04日(日) 22時33分
less than a day
in like, 2.5 hours
i'd be twenty.

i'm old.

having a baddddd day.
i just like sulked half the day away today.
until about 4plus
before i started to stop the sulking

i'm like
lacking ANY drive today at all
just because of one small incident
what the heck.
it's not even an incident, just a one-liner.

it made me realise something
even such a small incident/line can cause me to sulk 3/4 of the day away
feeling listless and moodless for anything
what happens if i encounter a breakup or something
won't i end up skipping school, lazing in bed doing nothing
only staring at the ceiling and crying myself silly?

how freaky.

at least i got cheered up abit today =)
cos junechan celebrated my birthday for me!
and so did my aunt =)
supposed to be celebrating tomorrow
oh man
i'm in serious lack of birthday mood

there's bidding to worry about.

out again. 

2009年01月04日(日) 0時44分
i seriously have been going out nonstop.
i was only home on 31st december ever since i came back....
oh goodnesssssss

let's see.
20th - class gathering
21st - home because i had to start packing luggage + stuff into the new wardrobe
22nd - shopping with junechan + key's stuff + sending them off
23rd - self shopping for things to bring to korea
24th - 29th - korea
30th - outing with clique
31st - home
1st - outing with clique + taa's place
2nd - with rapok
3rd - outing with junechan + shawol

in nearly 2 weeks, i was only "home" 2 times.

that's up till today.
and from tomorrow:
4th - lunch with aunt
5th - meeting with the girls to celebrate
8th - sending toonie off

omgness. i'm only left with 6th and 7th free
to do bidding + cleaning up room + get into school-mode
and gotta meet rara and junechan again soon
so that i can pass them things/they can pass me stuff


that aside.
i'm gonna turn 20.
i dont want......................
i need to get over the inertia of turning twenty.
the big two. T_T

can't i stay nineteen forever.......
it's my 2nd favourite year after PSLE year. T_T

darn it.
i better start makind new year resolutions + birthday wishes/resolutions
things i gotta accomplish in my 20th year.

on another note
i used my polaroid today!
again, that is.
i my polaroiddddd


2009年01月02日(金) 2時19分
1st jan.
clique outing
fass og gathering

wonderful way to spend the first day of the new year man

but seriously
what the heck
i'm gonna turn 20 soon
this is sad.
i dont wanna hit the BIG TWO

clique outing.
i cant believe we went to the arcade!
here i am going to turn 20 soon
and there we were playing bishi bashi in the arcade
seriously, that's the only game in the arcade that i ever play LOL

esther came to join us too
with boyfriend of course.
all the coupling thingy triggered some randomness between pee and me
LOL "in a relationship" on facebook LOL
my house lah i think should be fine.
worst come to worst, airport should be fine too
like what we did when we sent suwan off. yes yes? XD

dragged the tired body to taa's house
slacked. food. chitchat. little nyonya. drinks. wine. bridge. monopoly. LOL
terence was so late that while leaving, we bumped into him

bidding starts tomorrow
i'm dreading it.
i've decided to take labour law
i hope i dont regret.............

rapok's coming over to my messy messy room tomorrow!
i better wake up early to pack or something


2008年12月27日(土) 0時58分
had to classify this under TVXQ
since it couldnt go into any other category.........
maybe i need a new category for SHINee. 0-o

eventful day today
though wasted quite a bit of time

officially, 26th dec is OUR SM day
at least for the three of us. LOL
shinee, db, suju~ seriously man. 0-o

started off with SHINee
went to incheon to pick junechan up
seriously by SOME luck, i was just THIS CLOSE to missing them totally
but uh, ya.
1. korean girls are FREAKING rough
2. manager nim is fierce, but, uh, he's nice? like, hey, he was nice to me. or maybe because i'm not a local. =x
3. key. you need eyeliner. and your complexion sucks........
4. today reconfirmed my sucky taste in guys. bastards...?

saw hyukie and teuk at sukira too
and yoona? ya, i think that's her name. the one from soshi...
she's SO TALL. and pretty~~~
there were also these 2 thai girls there
so pretty! like angelic pretty
*feels inferior*
no wonder the army boys usually say that thai girls are pretty
(i hope for the right reasons though)

three of us went to ko-dae after picking junechan from the airport
but seriously
the queue is CRAZY
and the event was held outdoors
i so totally didnt wanna freeze my ass off, so we went to have ddokbokki at annam

went to junsupapa's pizzeria~
coolio pizzas! the roasted apple rocks XD
1. nice food~ TOTALLY
2. first time hearing of "eyes leeching tv" LOL
3. junsupapa is REALLY nice.... i dont know. maybe cos we're foreigners?
and that photo ended up being the "source of energy in winter"
seriously lame. oh gosh.

finally, went to try out the tarot card reading thingy at dongdaemun
hmm. we did the general outlook one...
some are pretty funny? =x
points out of the reading:
1. i've a lot of amibitions/desires (positive or negative depending on how you look at it)
2. the first thing she said was, "you are playful/love to play"
3. next line she asked was, "you like to drink right?" oops =x
4. i'll be rich end of next year, though i've no idea where the money will come from since i'm still studying. i really don't foresee myself working anytime, uh, soon?
5. i'll meet 3 different guys next year. one good looking, one generally quite nice/good, one working adult. WHAT THE HECK. leave my love life alone........ >.<
6. totally spot-on was "(junechan) likes yunhanam, and (she) is/will be very nice to him" HAHAHAHHA. she totally spoiled JH okay -_-"
7. junechan's the "let's go!", i'm the "okay this will happen this way..." and ying's the "but this is _____ and on the other hand it will ____". totally spot-on as to how this tw-trip worked. LOL

shall...............cut my hair and chiong shopping tomorrow =)
long hair no more! =D


2008年12月23日(火) 11時00分
*has temporarily no mood to pack for korea*


results are just bad bad bad
freaking bad.
TERRIBLE is the word

at myself of course.
oh goodness
what the heck.

20th =) 

2008年12月20日(土) 21時53分
翔央クン〜 お誕生日 おめでとう!
もう 20歳だよ〜 大人に なりましたよ〜

had class gathering this afternoon
class cum clique gathering

i actually have a lot to say
i'm really tired
gotta wake up early tomorrow since the new furniture will come in at 9am
i hope i'll be done packing and cleaning by 1pm
so that i can meet junechan at 2pm
finish up the "important" shopping i need to do before i scoot off to korea
(i can't even decide what to buy... drats)

getting incoherent..
sleeping at 5 and waking up at 9.30 am doesnt exactly aid the situation
shall just write in point form for my own reference if i ever look back
just a few things:
1. turning 20 isn't exactly cool
2. i wanna live in korea - japan would be fine too
3. someone find me a korean boyfriend >.<
4. how the heck do people know you but you don't know them?
*doesn't see the logic*
5. give me a woodblock-minho rather than a sweettalker-jh. -_-"
6. apparently FASS results have leaked, BUT I DIDN'T FREAKING KNOW OMGNESS
SMU students already got back their results....
but NTU ones have to wait till 29th.. 0-o
i wonder if i should be complaining........ since it's out one day before i fly..
7. i've yet to find a wallet that pleases me. *adds to korea shopping list*
8. so. who's with who man?!

okay whatever
those who know what i'm talking about know what i'm talking about
those who don't, just leave it at that..
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