Sleek Geeks

August 13 [Mon], 2012, 23:30
An event hosted by Dr Karl and Adam Spencer to celebrate Science Week xD

Yeah my printer decided to act up so Viv printed out my ticket for me instead

But then the guy didn't even look at our tickets oh well xD

The guy sitting in front of me was super tall! I had to keep craning my head around to see the show, lol orz

Learnt about the Higgs Boson and the Higgs Field, God's number, what happens when people try to blow up a dead whale that got washed onto the beach.. (i.e. people shrieking and running away from dead whale bits)

Saw vids of people solving Rubix cubes with one hand in like 14? seconds, and another who solved it in about 6 seconds (movements were too fast to follow!)

And also the existence of "Australia's List of Most Trustworthy People" and how The Wiggles come in at like #6 compared to Nobel Prize winners or the Governor

It was really fun and interesting, glad I went xD
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