the Sports Council's intervention

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 18:08
NBA player's salary has gone through a long process of upgrading, the early 80, the average NBA player salary, but only $ 100,000, but in the "magic" Johnson and "big bird" after the bird brought NBA world, players of the League's annual salary is also rising. 1991-1992 season, players with an average nike blazer canvas low uk annual income surpassed the million-dollar mark, 1997-1998 season, the figure rose to $ 2.45 million, then Jordan retired billion contracts across the Federation, more than 10 years in the NBA with an average annual salary to double, and finally reached the amazing heights of more than $ 5 million.

Vassili most loved football, but he supports the air force teams always play but Belial Dynamo. 1948 in nigula·sitaluosiding concentration camp received a call from Vassili Zaitsev, let him go back to Moscow to air force coach, however, Belial's secret police rushed into the Tower, Luo Siding home, let him leave Moscow within 24 hours. Vassili Belial and determined to fight, he and sitaluosiding are almost always together, even sleep in the same bed. Vasily was drunk, Home Home sitaluosiding jumped out of the window, the results the next day at 6 o'clock in the morning they arrested by secret police, forced out of Moscow. However, the train has just arrived at the first station, Vasily anti spy agency chief flew to catch up , After the toss again, Vasily Stalin was the phone: the guy back to camp!

In other areas, as the Sports Council's intervention, Beijing Shougang basketball team "playing" loose a lot. Without State support in the past, Shougang Club don't even have a TV and Club to broadcast their own match, also to pay television, bought their product away, and now Beijing Club, which has saved nike blazer canvas mid uk many. Furthermore, in brand-building and influence of the Shougang basketball, Beijing Municipal sports administration also strongly supported. Like the finals, Beijing Shougang basketball into the Wukesong competition, behind the construction unit is sports, it would only make the finals of 18,000 people cheering in Beijing Wukesong "devil at home.
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