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September 27 [Fri], 2013, 17:41
Most should be called into question should not be the Barca, but these disputed penalties arise, Maradona's "hand of God", South Africa World Cup, Lampard's line of injustice ... Recurring Stadium controversy is now hurting soccer's a factor not to be ignored. Eliminate controversial penalties UEFA certainly is at the forefront of FIFA, UEFA Conference Chairman Collina has determined that Euro 2012 will be 5 judges law enforcement: "5 the referee" plan, every game apart from the tradition of the referee and the linesman, and also added two closed areas judges. They were on the nike blazer canvas low uk Court for much of the game on both ends of the bottom line and mandated "special attention" the situation within the closed area. Two additional closed areas judges aimed at effectively curbing flops in the restricted area, and improve the accuracy of penalty fine. However, such as the use of goal line technology means, similar to the NBA video playback support a fine or maybe tennis, "Hawk-Eye" technology, was not in the execution procedure, but reform is a gradual process, if a change enjoy some sweetener, innovations not impossible on a larger scale.

Spartans get and 1938 League Championships as well as the 1939 Cup Championship, Bay yesterday in Asia is starting to poach the Spartan players, so there was shocked the Soviet Union football "four brothers". The four men are brothers, are also major members of Sparta, then laughed nigula·sitaluosiding of Belial's boss.

Belial need is winning on the pitch. He will be there as long as Dynamo's game against Sparta, when witnessing the Dynamo lost the ball to kick chairs. One time, he asked coach: "why, why do we always lose to Sparta? "When you hear a coach say" Spartan team treatment, whereas his team's defensive problems ", the Belial asks:" defense! Maybe you guys need to have a set of machine Gunners to help you, right? "In the Soviet Union in 1939 in a nike blazer canvas mid uk Spartan met with Dynamo Tbilisi win Cup semi-final, Belial, and even declared the results invalid, while Sparta 3:0 win again in the rematch, Belial angrily off the field. Another time when Dynamo defeat, Belial makes them a trip to transport pigs trucks returned.
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