chapter (or language of the Third Reich

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The Nazi era, one by one against the policy of persecution of Jews also recorded. "Civil Law" on April 7, 1933, dismissal of all "non-public Lian Ya school teachers and state agency staff positions. September 15, 1935" Nuremberg method ", deprived of the citizenship of German Jews, and not was recognition of civil and political True Religion Billy BootCut Jeans rights. In April 1936, the ban on civil service and the Jews together or marriage. In October 1937, the various provisions of services to Lian Ya shop. In August 1938, the provisions must Jews used in formal business communication or Jewish name tag. In December 1938, the Jews forbidden to use the library. In June 1939, an inventory of Jewish possessions. September 1939, prohibiting the Jews to listening to foreign radio stations. In September the same year, the limit has forced the bank accounts of Jews, the Jews hand over all cash. Early in 1940, prohibited the Jews to enter the park. In September 1941, Jews began to wear yellow armbands.
Klein Doppler tone of the diary to increase fear, "fear, fear that the French Jacobins party rule," (March 22, 1933) "We like living in the Middle Ages, helpless and not dangerous (September 27, 1936 ) anytime, anywhere is captured and shot, when I think they came to me on the night will be? shoot me? I will find the concentration camps to go? "(September 3 , 1939) 1942, to July 1, Klein Doppler violation of the blackout at the eight days of solitary confinement to punish. No books, no glasses, in great fear and emptiness, his efforts to mobilize its own memory, and finally "re-climbed all over the world from hell ..." (1941) Doppler Klein anytime, anywhere with the escort feel the terror of concentration camps, "and even more surprising news, the Jews sent to Poland, almost naked, penniless and thousands of people from Dublin remanded in custody (Poland) Lodz (the Lodz). "(25 October, 1941)
"I want the second volume of witness time span 1942-1945, vol. Less than 8 and a half years. This is the most brutal Nazi madness last few years, the state of the Jews more and more dangerous, desperate . Klein Pool-e-diary is more frequent and detailed. Diary, the news of defeat by the Germans in the east, is also increasingly clear that the authors make the final decision of a witness. May 27, 1942, wrote it, "I want to continue to write down, this is my heroism. I want to witness the exact witness! "
Klein Doppler record from day to day feeling of fear and impending doom, also recorded the tune and hope to survive. "Today, at breakfast, we talked about the amazing abilities of the people to bear and the usual thing to our survival among the great ugliness of life, fear, hunger (real hunger), the prohibition on the ever-changing, becoming more cruel slavery, True Religion Jacket in mortal danger every day in the approximation, throughout each day, new victims, completely powerless. However, there is still a happy moment, reading aloud, labor, and eat the food there was not enough to eat , we just need to stay in continuing to have hope. "(MayCheap True Religion Jeans Sale 30, 1942) Doppler Klein expect to live to see Hitler finished that day. Many of the request, but always felt afraid to live to see that day. October 24, 1942, he wrote, "When I imagine the end of Hitlerism ... I often ask myself, Hitler finished, I do it? Me from where to start? I'm sure I do not though much the rest of the time I had long meant that the 18th century (literature), for information updating is not ....... as well as a chapter (or language of the Third Reich ) of the Third Reich, no, maybe roll? Third Reich language, the content is not too narrow? it is not extended by the Third Reich history of ideas? or return to the previous plan (Hitlerism) Dictionary of Philosophy? not I had the focus on re-working the old industry, to update their information? Now I'm not on the migration Cheap True Religion Jeans, learn English online? with my health, energy, physical strength but also to do these things? ...... think about what to do, I'm really scared. However, often I feel that I live less than a day. "
One of the main reasons the Klein Pool This part of the diary to attract readers involved Cheap True Religion Mens Flare Jeans True Religion Jeans sensitive, that is, standard German, as well as Jews, know who started the Nazi Holocaust, or to Understanding what extent. From 1942-1945 Doppler Klein, June 10 diary days you can see, people in Germany really rumors or signs of things, some information about the Holocaust crimes in Poland and the Soviet Union. Many of the entries in the diary.
. "Paul KREID, (Paul Kreid, friend) to tell us - that is to be very reliable, and when multiple sources - the evacuation of Jews to leave the train in staff and staff in Riga (Riga) shot and killed." (January 13, 1942)
March 1942, I heard Ozzie Chavez, in April, his wife told the massacre at Babi Yar (Babi Yar retelling, Babi Yar), and Kiev in October 1942, Ozzie Chavez said a quick "abattoir in January 1943, came the terrible news from Ozzie Chavez. "Can not ... We are saying many of the evacuees (Jewish) [escorted from Germany] even be alive at the Da BOLAN. Car transport livestock extension is poisoned, compartments and then stopped at a row of many mass graves dug next to it. "(1943, February 20, Day)