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September 04 [Tue], 2012, 10:28

shouldhave given the matter more thought.What happened after this is an almost unbelievablestory, but you may read it, dear children, in the chaptersthat follow.   The story Wholesale Jerseys NFL of Pinocchio and the Talking Cricket,in which one sees that bad children do not liketo be corrected by those who know more than they doVery little time did it take to get poor old Geppetto toprison. In the meantime that rascal, Pinocchio, free nowfrom the clutches of the Carabineer, was running wildlyacross fields and meadows, taking one short cut afteranother toward home.

IIn his wild flight, he leaped over brambles and bushes, and across brooks and ponds, as ifhe were a goat or a hare chased by hounds.On reaching home, he found the house door half open.He slipped into the room, locked the door, and threwhimseluot;Keep still, you ugly Cricket! cried Pinocchio.But Team Football Jerseys the Cricket, who was a wise old philosopher,instead of being offended at Pinocchio's impudence,continued in the same tone:If you do not like going to school, why don't you atleast learn a trade, so that you can earn an honest living?Shall I tell you something?

asked Pinocchio, who wasbeginning to lose patience. Of all the trades in the world,there is only one that really suits me.And what can that be?That of eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, andwandering around from morning till night.Let me tell you, for your own good, Pinocchio, said the Talking Cricket in his calm voice, that those whofollow that Discount NFL Apparel trade always end up in the hospital or in prison.Careful, ugly Cricket! If you make me angry, you'll be sorry!

Poor Pinocchio, I am sorry for you.Why?Because you are a Marionette and, what is much worse,you have a wooden head.At these last words, Pinocchio jumped up in a fury, tooka hammer from the bench, and threw it with all hisstrength at the Talking Cricket.Perhaps he did not think he would strike it. But, sadto relate, my dear children, he did hit the Cricket, straighton its head.With a last weak cri-cri-cri the poor Cricket fell fromthe wall, New Nike NFL Jerseys dead!

Pinocchio is hungry and looks for an egg to cook himself an omelet;but, to his surprise, the omelet flies out of the windowIf the Cricket's death scared Pinocchio at all, it was onlyfor a very few moments. For, as night came on, a queer,empty feeling at the pit of his stomach reminded the Marionette Jerseys NFL Wholesale that he had eaten nothing as yet.A boy's appetite grows very fast, and in a few momentsthe queer, empty feeling had become hunger, and thehunger grew bigger and bigger .

Until soon he was asravenous as a bear.Poor Pinocchio ran to the fireplace where the pot wasboiling and stretched out his hand to take the cover off,but to his amazement the pot was only painted! Think howhe felt! His long nose became at least two inches longer.He ran about the room, dug in all the boxes and drawers,and even looked under the bed in search of a piece of bread,hard NFL Discount Jerseys though it might be, or a cookie, or perhaps a bit of fish.

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