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Im not even subscribes but here I am. Off the top of my head Ring The grudge The eye The one where the lady is on his back (hello back pain) Can't remember the rest.

This is why all me and my friends hate clowns and we all swear to never get close to them anymore CAISE DERRRR EVILLLLLL

again a great typical Stephen king movie..i loved this horror.its more horrifying with many grotesque events than any other movies till date.. ...


Yotsuya Kaidan is always a fun story. Can never get enough of Defrocked Samurai's nailing their cheating wife and her boyfriend to a wooden plank and floating them down he river. Or if you love Chinese Food, maybe Dumplings is for you. Vanity, thy name is Mrs Li, and she is getting older, but wants to be young again, and goes to a witch who gives her Some Dim Sum with a Secret Ingredient. Oh Baby it's pretty disgusting ;) Maybe you are hungry for something a bit more substantial, like a Japanese movie called Fu-Rai (aka White Panic) where a group of people wake up in a room with metal walls and they are all covered in a strange white powder. Did you catch it? Onomatopoeia can be wonderful things ... say it quick Fu-Rai :D.

Mimic, yung planetang pinanggalingan ni Tito Picollo..

I wanna see this film with at least English subtitles!!!!!!


it looks like this movie can go to international level , Sabrina is creepier than Annabelle....


Honestly, this was such a good movie, i love it so much! Great actors, great plot. It's not that scary as much as it's disgusting and creepy..
Some of them ponder the horror of their own existence and insist on non-violent ways to satiate their bloodlust, while others make Count Dracula look like a fucking Sunday school teacher. Best WhatCulture line ever. XD.
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue I’m Floatin And You Will To!
Creepy doll
Why , one missed call is not in here?? , Hah????

Shutter was a really good film!
This has a lot of things going on in it. It is about an entity. This entity is in the form of a tiger. Long ago there were shamans who served and tried to appease this entity. One of the shamans, who served faithfully, became a partial physical embodiment of the entity and it still was not appeased. So in a, for lack of a better word, ritual, this shaman offered up his whole self along with his abused daughter. His daughter had a quality that would make the entity strong. After the ritual, both the shaman and the daughter disappeared into a cave, never to be seen again.

The area around the cave became a notorious hotspot for missing people who claimed to be hearing voices during the days prior to their disappearances. It is revealed that the shaman, who is now the entity, uses both the daughter and an ability to mimic voices to exploit vulnerabilities to lure people to the cave.

It wasn't scary but the scene where the entity takes total control of the shaman was slightly disturbing. The shaman's daughter had a story that was heartbreakingly sad and her ghost, which was a solid, physical form when manifested, had moments of creepiness in her behavior.

It was just an average watch for me..





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