New diary 

2005年02月18日(金) 4時09分
hey my friends, i open a new diary. If you want the link, pls go to read my icq info

Meeting and sing K 

2005年01月19日(水) 0時46分
Make suki so angry coz i think sing k event has been cancelled... there is misunderstanding when talked phone yesterday. But suen, let her, i don't mind other think that. Explaining is so trouble. This is not the first time misunderstood by others.
But i know myself is responsible, if i make thing clear, it will not be like that. Need to improve myself.

Suen, let it be... i hate explaining everything anyway. Human beings is the creature that can't under each other anyway. Especially compare to the big business in the world, conflicts between human being is meaningless and non-sense. Maybe i am pessimistic and too passive.

Have tea with erika, roommate and siu long.

At night, meeting with joint members. Don't know how to help them...

But... astronomy is the thing that for ppl who like and love it.
Others are difficult to understand it.
Really amazing, my own world. Can't you understand?

No admin , no conflicts. Only knowledge of astro. The deep sky.


2005年01月18日(火) 0時42分
Interview again ... but go to the wrong place, hai...... i am like that.

Take MTR to back home, phone and wake up suki. A little bit sorry to her, make her can't sleep well...

Back to Tin-hau, go to library and eat my favourite "beef rice" , but the rice is not good. Too bad =.="


2005年01月17日(月) 1時46分
Courage gathering , how come they can do so manythings to nam but i can't to my fd?
Go 半春園食齋... went there for one time, at that time of F6 seems, ayp silver with polly and lovely yui, Scars are still here...

Today so good to c ar Po, long time no c. She wants to be a police too!
Yeah, hope u can train to have a better physical strength and go to exam in future with me!

Afterwards, go library read newspapers, feel dizzy and tired from the news from26/12 to 16/1. Back home and surf police website. The brain out of memory, only can say good luck tomolo.

Read many diary at this moment.
Hope my fds don't need to have a harsh and difficult life.

Sleep lu, auxiliary police force at 8:45am.

Auxiliary police 

2005年01月17日(月) 0時32分
Last night can't sleep well , wake up at 615...

Poor performance, really poor, suit, eye test, change clothes, discipline...etc
I feel like a fool, really absurd... 200 marks in body test, highest, but not satisfactory.
Happy of 25.4 sec... but need to improve.

That madam, impolite, I did wrong or the form is really shit?
Interview... challenging , don't know how to answer. Sorry, sir i don't know.
But suen, it's past. Need to train up and prepare to take exam again.

Back home, very funny, the house out of electricity. Need to walk upstairs for 22floor.
I miss it , this event, especially when i was young, in primary school...
Spend about 4mins to finish, from G to 22. And wear the suit to walk. Hahaha, this's rather special. Headache and sleep......

Good listener 

2005年01月14日(金) 16時33分
Last night talk with roommate for a long time, 好耐未試過同人傾so long.

Passive and pessmistic, hope his life is more better and happier.
做人其實可以很簡單. 想得太複雜只會徒然令自己去煩.不值得.


Him,財政C都病jor, hope them recover soon!

雖然入ng到獅隊,get ng到宿分.但係nevermind,都學到不少野.
都俾個機會我去試下其他野...睇下玩唔玩choir la!
但驚下年住ng到hall C ><"


2005年01月12日(水) 1時36分
2.66很不錯,不過很多朋友考得不好,不知怎安慰them...suen ba la,考試...
反而要恭喜班組仔,女.半年黎gei 努力mo白費.好多都過3, 都高分過我.俾個叻字.

從來考試也是unfair,一月camp搭車時,聽cent,sa講they study.用一日來考ce...


2.66比上不足比下有餘, 用1日讀書1日做paper,gum都2.66, 真吹漲. 讀同ng讀也差不多.
考得ng好mo所謂, 但要知衰mei! 要檢討.與其ng happy,不如忘記背後,努力向前.

曾幾何時,也想過first hon,讀master.
First hon ng係mo可能,但我ng會gum invest lor.
穩守2nd low巳很滿意. 但希望有個sem過3 la.威下都好

書不用讀得多, 但要知讀d.

學而後知不足... 加油la, 朋友

p.s: 媽媽教我:與其做人地名牌,不如自己創立名牌.
話時話, 我要個灯v子名好???

astronom camp 

2005年01月08日(土) 0時25分
落莊前last camp, D games very tricky , both 體力and智力. 不愧ar cent haha.

係camp度學識"渣爆"...我班組員太玩得,兆龍,王小麗, ar ell, 肥コ, chris, catherine, ann, mandy, kannis ,重有個ng G名gei.當然有yvonne mama la! They are all so good, 好玩得.
But most of time, i need to 做苦力. 辛苦晒yvonne 媽.

夜man玩K夜尋寶,果然玩到火都黎. dim play r?
用支16吋鏡睇orion睇埋四合星, 天狼光都r ! 十足十睇戲,Deep impact gum! 有個天文台.

講真個天麻麻la, set鏡set到火都黎,個finder又有問題.收鏡算. 一時睇到一時睇ng到.
最特別係有粒叫"默哀"gei 慧星, 但睇ng到...

最尾扑頭黨win jor ar,超ging.

整個camp最deserve記係tall行XX , make her leg so hurt, and cry. hai, 耐疚tim.
玩得過火. 抵打. 希望she 快d好返.ng 好angry me so long. 以後ng玩tall行咯.

可能是自己性格從來都ng嬲人,過左就算... meaningless to remember


開會 + 出街 

2005年01月05日(水) 17時09分
Sorry to sandy遲到左in 新joint.可惜大家大腦便秘,冬天,誰不想sleep在暖暖的狗窩中?

六點多出到旺角.早到了,蚊女和her fd weed行街,make her fd 買不到朱古力,真不好意思.
跟住去左坐老麥,行行山鋪.去朗豪坊影相, o個度好正r ><"

同gap巾,蚊find野食,揀無可揀下唯有去沙da王la, 誰叫me gum窮? dim G, 都係要成五十幾落樓. 三個人坐左成兩粒幾鐘傾計, 跟住去影左印紙相. 係蚊女最鍾意gei melody. 開心到her...

聽返蚊女中學生活.又think下自己中學,好似白過gum.讀男校少好多野玩,沒有感情枷鎖,沒有多姿多采的校園活動. 生活叫做平淡而乏味. 次次聽其他人講中學,人地都好開心......
装釿c然有.不過想深一層, 如果中學ng係讀o個間,更加mo可能識到而家班朋友...更加mo可能寫到篇日記.


既喜歡自己性格又不喜歡. 如果... 不如果... 我的人生會是怎樣?



2005年01月04日(火) 2時45分
一朝早wake up for 整desk. 跟住auxi test.

pull up:18...目標過20.
跳高,好似差少少. 53.5cm jei,實得gei!
running... 1st 26.59, 2nd 28.xx , 3rd 28.xx . 目標係24.8. 點可以快d ??? 要努力!

下午出左去同c, debit女去旺角choose birthday present!
去左一間刻字gei 買,好鍾意that 相架r. 送俾kelly o個個我都好鍾意.
Debit同c 好有心,女仔果然ng同d , 好細心.我就mo 心機choose.
kelly收到o個 present maybe will cry tim! 我都會r if i can receive that present!
Debit 女我好貪心ga, 收到that one雖然好開心, 但i don't want my fds to waste money
for me...

跟住去左工展會, mo mei 野deserve 睇. Mainly探人同買蜂蜜. 但find ng到上次美食節
that one. And only can c 阿盛but not kelly. 見到行山bag very 抵r! $190 for 55 litre.
平到得人驚, d 料ng 錯,不過colour ng duck. 可惜我有個, otherwise i may buy r!

今年工展會held in victoria park, 之前一年held in 添馬艦... next year , will be held at where ?
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