sakura season 

2006年04月10日(月) 12時19分
Remember this time last year?
The sakura season was there.
now I still linger
linger at the season.

I miss them,
miss the flowers.

I miss you.

First rain of the year. 

2006年04月06日(木) 15時38分
First rain of the year marks the arrival of spring.

sense of waiting
sense of anxiously waiting
waiting for the longevity of spring time,
or something else in mind?

nevertheless, I am waiting for a good result...and praying for it.


2006年04月05日(水) 10時44分
前ぬ浜下りてぃ 遊ぶ童達が
笑い声ぬ清らさ 他にまさてぃ
干潮打ちゅる 波音や
我んなちぇる 親ぬ
子守唄ぬぐとぅに 唄ぬぐとぅに

シュラョイ シュラョ願たくとぅ
シュラョイ シュラョかなしょうり

紺地染みらわん 浅地染みらわん
人ぬままどぅやゆる 海や白地

シュラョイ シュラョ願たくとぅ
シュラョイ シュラョかなしょうり

生まり島 愛さ島ぬ志情ん
心に海染みてぃ 忘れぃなゆみ
海染みり 海染みり


2006年04月04日(火) 13時50分
Walking in the breeze and I've noticed,
the sunlight was suddenly very gentle and warm.
The gentleness of sky, and the tenderness of earth,
feels like I was in your embracing.
Then I've noticed your change as well.
What should I do, if I feel cold again?

Scenary around us, and myself,
none of it was in your eyes.
What was in your eyes? That I never understood.
But that's ok.
You can go ahead, and to live your own world.
Not bothering you.
it's my tendering love for you.

I can't understand, can't realize, can't fulfill,
that I really want to come hold you in my hand.
Instead, I stood alone.
The most beautiful part of love,
is the loneliness after all.

Before I realize, we've arrived.
At the destination, I didn't cry, nor did I smile.
This was like a dream.
or a deja-vu.
This is the most beautiful part of love,
the loneliness after all.
Stood alone, this is my tendering love,
that I,
giving you your freedom back.

Giving you your freedom back,
as my way of tendering love.

Judgement call. 

2006年03月15日(水) 3時20分
Base's loaded, less than 2 outs. Ball hit to left field.

3rd base umpire is going out to left field to cover the catch.
2nd base umpire withdraw to work area next to mound to cover plays at 2nd and 3rd base.
Home plate umpire lines up the tag-up and the catch, to his position in p-15 (reverse.)


2nd base umpire was too stupid to make a call that he can't see.
home plate is up to reverse the call and get it right.
That's the judgement call, not protestable.

and to those who suggest installing instant replay to baseball game.


cuz human element, is part of the game, any game. Forever and ever.


2006年03月10日(金) 4時40分
Finally I can rest for a little.
it's been a crazy run for a lot of goals....
It's hard to be a profectionist because a lot of variables will clash during the pursiut, therefore sustaining the best outcome became difficult.

takes a lot of energy to do it



2006年03月07日(火) 15時30分
kinda busy these days....
will update once I get more free time...

be patient...

Dance with me. 

2006年03月01日(水) 17時30分
Come and dance with me.
in my dream,
under the moonlight that cast on me.

You appeared in my dream again,
again and again.
holding your hand,
spinning with the music
disregard the types...

I just wish, that I never wake up
to stay with you.

Dance with me, my queen.


2006年02月28日(火) 6時10分
Interesting weather if you come to think about it...
-16, snow
-9 sunny
+9, sunny
-9, snow.

They all happened within 24 hours....

Let the waiting begin.... 

2006年02月25日(土) 14時07分
What was supposed to be done, was done.
Now we can only wait.
wait for the result
and hope for a happy end.
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