heh~ heh~ heh~( ..total 10 heh~~) 

2004年08月03日(火) 22時09分
today woke up at...9AM?? woOO how early... LOL counting down till moving in...6 more days!!!! yeah.. and i had to go to the denstist AGAIN today...(T ^ T) and two of the technicians came who helped wit this whole thing came-they were so sweet!! guys should look up to them... LOL well... NE WAYS.. i bought sweatpants to work out at the exercise room every night when i get in!!! woOo hoOO i am soOo determined to work out!! .... hopefullY.. i BETTER be..LOL yeah and tomorrow im getting mai hair straightened!!!un un... dang... boredom here!! help... bye BYE

tOdAY v V 

2004年08月01日(日) 20時07分
today... yes...NOT "yesterday" buh today~!! yeah- i watched some "at home dad" itz sooO funni~ cuz these guys are the "housewife" or i guess " house husband" cuz they lost their jobs and the wives work and stuff~!! yeah...it was funny when this one guy didn't know how to do house work... and was messing up everything in the house-lol i guess itz a comedy-ish buh still there are touching "awwww" seens~! yUUUp neways i went to the district meeting and it was nice- alhtough i didn't expect to share an experience... lol each person had to share~ yeah... and after that takaaki came over-hez gonna be mai classmate!! and i made omlet rice!! ..hope he liked it... i just hope that he doesn't get a stomach ache... LOL ne wayS~ i must go to dentist again tomorrow.. booO wee..dang... one more week till i move into dorms~~!!!! so excited buh scared...!!! well, i guess i will go watch some more "at home dad" bye bYE v V


2004年08月01日(日) 8時48分
yesterday i returned 13 videos that i borrowed and borrowed 10 more cuz it was like $8 for a week~~ woOoo hOOo *so i borrowed "at home dad" and "ppu suma" yeah... have a lot to watch this week~~ i wish there was some type of career that you can watch TV all the time... LOL ne ways after that i went to eiko's house and she made me dinner and i met her husband~ and we watched " TORIVIA no izumi"( heh~ heh~ heh~~) LOL. but after that i started feeling sick to my stomach.... i wanted to throw up... buh i think i have "throwing up PHOBIA" or something and can't throw up anymore... !!! well, so now i am wide awake..cuz i slept so much!!! now im gonna go watch some videos and later gotta go to district meeting~~! later

started again.. woOo hoOO 

2004年07月31日(土) 15時25分
hey i started the diary thing again... cuz i am WAY to bored! LOL im going to go borrow some more videos!! STOP ME~!!! lol well im watching "sekai no chushin de ai wo sakebu" right now- i really want to watch the movie version!! itz a LOVE STORY v V yup... well i guess i will write more later!! hope everyonez having aNIIIIIICEEEE summer!! love you all **
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