Repairing electric motors can be challenging

August 22 [Thu], 2019, 10:33
Needless to say, electric motors are the workhorse of industries all around the world. The rotor is also checked to balance according to NEMA Standards. Members of this association follow a strict code of conduct in terms of customer service, China Electric Motors Manufacturers when selling and conducting repair and service of electric motors, drives, controls, and other pumps.

When a motor is brought for repair, the job begins by disassembling the parts for a thorough clean and inspection for mechanical wear and tear. The company is also involved in industrial pump repair and fan rebuilding. AMBA tolerance is now repaired and tolerated. Priest Electric, the Boise based electric motor repair company offers affordable and timely services. The bearing is then replaced with high quality class C3 bearings. In fact, mining operations are being carried out 24x7.

"We can repair electric motors with capacity up to 5,000 horse powers and test run at a voltage of 460/2300/4160 volts.

Repairing electric motors can be challenging, however, some companies like Priest Electric have made a name for themselves by being experts in the industry. We also represent motor manufacturers as an authorized warranty and electric motor repair facility in Boise, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon," says the spokesperson for Priest Electric. The next step is to hydro clean and bake dry the motor, in a high temperature H Class insulating varnish. And at the end of the repair session, the motor is then reassembled, painted and then test run to check for proper operation.

The company is a member of EASA- the Electric Apparatus Service Association. This is indeed a boon for gold mining operations companies, where a minor repair can bring the entire operations to a standstill. They also operate in Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon.

About Priest Electric: Started over 50 years ago, Priest Electric is a Boise based electric motor repair company. The final output is then checked for straightness, condition of the keyway, and proper size.
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