10 big reason to reveal the Windows 7 security is very important

June 06 [Wed], 2012, 11:06
Windows system safety is always the user to Microsoft introduced each new version of the most concern, especially since the Internet since high speed development. Effective guarantee security is any operating system crucial factors, prevent malicious software, protect the network environment, windows 7 enterprise activation key and to ensure the data security applications. But, reliable safety now for Microsoft seems very important, can saying is to recover the Windows system in the user trust. If Windows 7 new system didn't provide much in safety guarantee, Microsoft will face major problem of system going forward.
Based on this, Microsoft this month will prepare to release of Windows 7 operating system is widely concerned about. The many experts say that Windows 7 will be the best in the history of Microsoft Windows products, and it will provide more than any previous version of value. Even the latest reports say, this is a good operation system, compared to its predecessor: Windows XP and Windows Vista system, is not only in the system properties and function aspect have the outstanding characteristic, even in a variety of factors on the user choice also decisive role.
10 big reason to reveal the Windows 7 is very important to safety
One of the most prominent factor is safety, have been called Microsoft "eyesore", now may be directly influence the success or failure of the safety of Windows 7 market sales. And for Vista system before, if it more than the system safety performance, Windows 7 May be a winner. If not, it will likely be a loser.
So we say that we decided to the safety of the operating system Windows 7 success or failure, and consumer and how IT administrators in the new operating system to make a choice. Many reasons summarizes the ten big factors as follows:
1. The enterprise depends on security
For corporations, can say no deployed operating system fails to provide security to ensure more helpless. As early as in the previous Windows Vista system performance very obvious that many companies in Service Pack 1 version issued the first began to stop using the operating system. As a new generation of Windows 7 system can afford safety to any questioning. Microsoft is looking forward to the recession led to many enterprise cut IT budget, the Windows 7 to help the clients to realize the innovation in business operation of the cost savings.
2. The user to security concerns
In addition to product strong function itself, Microsoft still need to worry about consumers for a new generation of operating system view. If Windows 7's security is not enough to improve, there not safe or vulnerable to viruses and malware attack errors, and thus the user will lose data, so new users of the system is not acceptable. But the company believes that, more than any time before users understand the Windows 7 in the safety performance out of the results.
3. The market share the threatened
If Windows 7 is not safe, for Microsoft can imagine its operating system in the monopoly position on the market, and market share will tends to decline. If Microsoft Windows 7 in the marketing process not eliminate the bad effect to bring Vista, then those who are interested in the purchase of Windows 7 users of the system, will have the option of using another different operating systems. This may mean Linux or apple MAC system will gain market share of ascension.
4. Microsoft, the loss of rights

For the software industry giants, Microsoft to operating system in the IT sector has absolute leadership. If a new generation of Windows 7 unsafe, then to Microsoft in the computer industry's dominant weakened. When Windows XP in the peak of the market, like dell and HP such international IT company, have to and Microsoft cooperation to promote their products. Windows 7 will be the right can continue, it all depends on safety.
5. The question by rivals
10 big reason to reveal the Windows 7 security is very important
Mac OS X system and Windows 7 system
Windows 7 the security of the system is not really achieve the desired effect still has questioned, if there are potential safety problems, apple Mac OS X system would be the biggest players. At the same time from apple "I" m a Mac, I "m a PC" advertisement success can see, from the side highlights the Windows in the system of safety problems, especially related to malicious software and virus attack showed obvious. Visible, Windows 7 safety will be decided to Microsoft's market can maximize. Through the understanding of apple, if Windows 7 is not security vulnerabilities, then based on open source Mac OS X system will step in.
6. Security areas less attention
In the past few years, Microsoft has been trying to restore the area in the security of the position. Before very long period
activation key for windows 7 of time, Microsoft more attention to the operating system of the various functions and luxuriant desktop application, to ignore the security guarantee. But along with Windows 7 release at the Microsoft also made clear that it wanted to provide more security and better Windows data protection, ensure the safety of the network operation.Read more here:win7keysite.com
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