These green puddles appear on the main platform

September 02 [Mon], 2013, 11:37
Feed Pools: These green puddles appear on the main platform, and will eventually cover it. They can be removed by standing in them for three seconds buy wow gold, but doing so both damages the player standing in them and puts up a debuff called Slimed. When this debuff falls off, the next application of Slimed will do 10% more damage, and this effect stacks. Feed Pols build up quite quickly, as can be seen from the image below, so it is necessary to clear space by taking the debuff now and then.

Downdraft: Ji-Kun will flap her wings, causing a downdraft that will try to blow players off the platform. Players will need to run against the Downdraft to avoid a brief trip to floorsville -- it was unclear whether the slow lift mechanic found on PTR would still be around on live servers or not. If not, this is a raid wiper. We found that jumping allowed you to actually travel forwards over the Downdraft.

Caw: This ability is cast periodically by Ji-Kun, and sends out bolts of sound towards random targets. These bolts of sound will explode on impact with the target, inflicting 250k physical damage to all players standing within eight yards of the impact. This cannot be kited, they move too quickly, so the best thing seems to be for the players not being targeted to move away, thereby avoiding the damage. Players hit should also move out of the resultant sound wave, as seen below.