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July 30 [Mon], 2012, 15:14
There is a Italian flag and the G8 sign on the right chest pocket of the black jacket. The jacket is made from light and durable cotton. The jacket is not only waterproof, but also has good air permeability.As Belstaff Jackets become more and more famous these days, people start to search belstaff online. As Belstaff outlet increase, it will be more and more popular all over the world.

Nowadays people all trend to be stylish and fashion, as tranditonal clothing tends to be out of fashion, brands all change their design ideals to follow the fashion. As a new motorcycle jacket - Belstaff Bags come into being, with stylish design, people can not ignore this stylish jacket. t. With its famous reputation and high sales, Belstaff has got a number of honourable reputation, especially for its leather jackets. On July 8, 2009, Belstaff jacket was the designated proprietary dress for the G8 leaders. Belstaff even launched a limited edition black leather jacket for the leaders. At the same time, the brand designed the delicate women's dust coat for the first ladies. The boss of Belstaff--Manuele Malenotti once indicated to Reuters," Each jacket is tailored and has the signature of Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi". In 2004, his branch company purchased the brand.

In 1996, Franco Malenotti set Belstaff Womens Jackets fashion company. The foundation speeds up the steps of the brand on the clothing market. Belstaff have a smart propaganda team. The team often makes use of the media to advertise products. One advertising strategy is to sponsor the Hollywood blockbusters. Belstaff Shoulder Bag 554 has sponsored a lot of famous movies. The brand of leather jacket always appeared in Marlon Brando's films, which improved the brand's leather jacket to be more famous. Sponsoring Hollywood stars to make movies is absolutely one of the effective publicity strategies to Belstafff. The Ocean Twelve in 2004, The Aviator and The War of The Worlds in 2005, as well as X-Men, Superman Returns, MissAs Belstaff Shoulder Bag 556 lead the pack with their high-quality, durable waxeion Impossible and The Departed in 2006, all these films once were sponsored costume by Belstaff. cotton and leather jackets. With a rich heritage and A-list Hollywood credentials, their name has become synonymous with luxury and adventure. Get ride of motorcycle professional design, moncler continues to using leather materials to shape perfect figure. With special waist design, whether the long jacket and short jacket can show your personality on the way.

However, it is hard to imagine early times belstaff colonial bag is a traditional company.


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