the two most outstanding player

July 09 [Tue], 2013, 15:23
Yet. The process of competition is far beyond Jiang Chen expectations. The first game. Hanada apricot lane cāo for. Opening it to seemingly messy but yet permissive sustained offensive play Qian Chen Lian parry are not. Combined with the darkness ruling? Aphelion attacks. Was soon full of blood shutout of Chen Qian. Jiang Chen from this innings saw Chen Qian weaknesses. Elements sword of the Spirit is most proud of is the speed and the monomer killing skills. But Hanada apricot but did not give her the opportunity to close. Has been with the group the skills to kill the road closure. This skill Chen Qian who did not cross. It is very difficult to win. And. Chen Qian no pets and war servant. This is also the most deadly. Hanada mm apricot and chasing their relationship is nice. But people also to personal honor. Update the first time and she is also a pragmatist. Will never turn on the water in this game. OTC. rì the players rejoicing. That scene just as Hanada apricot has won the championship the same. Yet. But drastic changes in the second inning. The players make rì unexpected happened. Chen Qian in each other's darkness ruling? Aphelion attack when they came up. Suddenly thrown the Kusanagi sword. Released a broken wind batter. Intended to slow down the other. But not wishing. This trick actually put on the sword Kusanagi clouds Iceborne stunt to activate. Attack bonus of up to 600% of the clouds pour holy water or ice is xìng injury. Xìng than normal water damage are also bonus by 30%. The Kusanagi sword Soul Calibur 4 order is embedded. . +14 Kingdom makers. This jianpi cut down. Power really amazing. Not to mention the darkness ruling? Chen Xing stand. Even Hanada apricot nor bear. Two people have been brought out more than 25 + damage figures. Kick was spike. 1 to 1. Big score actually been equalized. Yet. It's not finished. The third game. Scene once more favoring Chen Qian side. Because Kusanagi sword poison rain eight differences on this stunt actually broke out. 8 seconds. Sustained reductions of 10% per second and mana negative blood so Hanada apricot and dark ruling? Aphelion are injured can not afford. Hanada apricot did not return to the blood skills. Darkness ruling? Chen Xing did not. If Chen Qian selected after an attack in this conservative strategy. . With accelerated skills circling words. Odds will be great. But this is not the little beauty style. Little Miss actually did not rebound guy. But courage rushed up. This moment. Jiang Chen's heart is a burst of pull cool. "Xiaoqian you do not learn how master. Wretched little ah. Ruined. Lose. Really lost." Jiang Chen crow mouth unfortunately true. Pragmatic spirit witch immediately cāo eight differences as darkness ruling? Chen Xing. Group to kill him with the skills sealed Chen Qian route. Himself suddenly resorted to their best necklace. Blind blind dragon chain sucking skills. Exactly. Hanada apricot is no return to the blood skills. But she has more waves of blood-sucking skills. And is uninterrupted vampire skills. First time to update the darkness ruling? Aphelion strong at this moment has been fully reflected. Because Jiang Chen is xìng more powerful. So Dark award? Aphelion's strength also followed the rise. That powerful attack force a time for Chen Qian not close. Chen Qian's blood also to decrease the rate of 10% per second. And there is no limitation. As long as the skill can not be interrupted Hanada apricot. She would have been whirlwind of blood. Until death. Yet. Little Miss is really very vicious. Shangqie rush such an unfavorable situation in the past. Struggling to throw a fire rainbow cut. Put to his Master's yīn shadow. Yet. At this moment. Hanada apricot stunned. Because she saw Chen Qian's eyes actually cháo wet. Fire Rainbow cut did not play a miracle. Low clouds Iceborne probability that no dependents Gu Chenqian. Chen Qian made the final in the other lane cāo case. Very depressed turning to silver sè brilliance. Painful lost tiebreaker. 1 to 2. Hanada apricot poise. Became the second player to enter the semi-finals. When Qian Chen stepped down from the stage when. Jiang Chen first went over. Hugged her shoulders. Comforted. "Has been very good performance and this chick to me to pack it." Chen Qian Jiang Chen fiercely pounding punch. "Stinking Master Your most hated." Jiang Chen dared not hypocritical. He did enough to hate. If not Hanada apricot copied him as their pet. . Hanada probably would not go so far apricot. In fact. Because Hanada apricot causes. Jiang Chen is now also withstand great pressure. If you really are Hanada apricot win. Back home. Jiang Chen will also be saliva flooded. Quickly. The third game had begun. China, the two most outstanding player launched a long-range match-ups. A touch of azure sea vs pear. Pears after the sea onto the site. Liu Yan, who took over from the microphone. The meter Lan, who took over from the staff another microphone. Lan looked at the meter sea pear. Smiled and said. "Old rules." Rice Lan nodded. "The old rules. Winning or losing a game." Field. A storm. Although the tournament organizing committee set up three games rules. But also relatively respecting the views of contestants. Or else. There will not be abstaining in the game such a setting. So. They acquiesced. Views of the audience is not large. Sometimes. Classic is unable to continue the case. A game is not easy to play a classic already. Two people on the scene soon appeared in the ring. Pear Sea and warlords multiple mm deep roots. And Li Zi and called the size of the pear. They were known as the Chinese district of the collision magic farewell. Update the first time he and Huang Siyu a bond. Two people have fought side by side. Is the best brother and comrade. And now,Oakley Dispatch, although very good personal relationship. Available in the game,Christian Louboutin Cheap, but regard each other as the strongest opponent. As Lan and rice. That is you can use "Kudachoushen" to describe. Two people played against many times. The outcome is almost equal. This time the game. Even the winner does not explain much problem. Classic two people will continue. "Little fresh. I am this person ah Like most pure way,Oakley Sunglasses Active, so Let '1v1 it." Venue. Pears to say these words when the sea. Many people have already concluded that the body carries out the pear sea battle pet or a servant. Pity. M Lan do not buy it. "As soon as the old stuff honest sounding the words you simply say that you can not 2v1 does not have to." Small words greatly stimulated fresh pears sea big self-esteem. "Damn. Dare not so straightforward." Meters Lan Minzui smile. "Do not worry. Elderly, I do not bully you. 1v1 to 1v1." Pear sea's face has been leaking a little sweat. "Little fresh you Hualiyouhua ah seems strength has improved a lot recently ah." Meters Lan light laugh. "Do not talk nonsense. Let's open it. Estimated Chenzi already can not wait to play the match." Third quarterfinal. The first game is the decider. Anyone afford to lose. Pears sea no longer retained. First time to update the fastest release of his only start after three rounds status skills. . The magic word guardian. This skill. You can within 10 seconds after. Resist all negative. Cast not be interrupted. Is a very Guards skills. Obviously. When he was an opening. Certainly to be and rice Lan glass slide. The meter Lan opened about Silver Moon. Even opened a light meteorite. This moment. Many people see that. Small fresh also grappling with each other. After all, once the light meteorite turned himself caught. Will plunge into a state of paralysis. Despite the paralysis of the time only 2 seconds. But they were enough to make such a master of the sea pear to her life. Yet. At the end of the countdown just. M actually very pragmatic Lan opened the nothingness hide. Result. The first crisis of the sea pear arrived. He did not think m Jiang Lan actually followed slut astray. M Lan consumed whole pear sea 10 seconds. With their own light meteorite skills disappear for the price. In exchange for a pear sea skills disappear. In the next second. M Lan has slowly come to rely on their original point after point position. Suddenly appeared. Yet. At this moment. Pears sea suddenly hands. Issued after the start of a three-turn prompt skills. "Lieyang light." Release of this skill. Contrary m Lan expectations. M Lan abruptly caught. What could not see his eyes. Exactly. This is blindness skills. The next moment. Pears sea has resorted to escape the specter. Teleport to a meter in front of Lan. Although rice is the element Lan arrows arrows. No weakness distance. But the m most proud of Lan distance or your own advantage. Once she pulled away. I'm afraid the sea pear unable to support efforts now. Taking advantage of this moment. A quick hands of pear sea directly Huozhuo broken rice Lan avoided. Followed. Will release their strong skills. Yet. At this moment. He realized that something big of it. Because his feet. The sudden sharp beam of a Unit. A tract Silver sè arrows actually emerged. "Silver absolutely well." And a trap skills. But do not know when the sea pear is m Lan set traps. And. Great intensity of the attacks this trap. Actually look directly crushed pear impregnable sea that magic word shield. Pears sea skills alive trap must be tone Silver interrupted. Called magic light and windy monomer killer skill damage reached 450% of the current Mogong. Once the boom in m Lan's body. M Lan certain death. But. Too late. A trick controlled. Loser. M Lan quickly released a concussion arrows. Stun the pear sea. Followed. Her great speed at his feet placed a double trap. First empty the trap. Followed by another one glue trap. Pears sea first blown into the sky. The collapse was followed by another empty hit the ground. In the glue trap. M Lan then released the elements anger shè. Pear directly point to kill the sea. 1 ratio. Not. Big score 2-0. M Lan with marvelous sea cāo for victory over pears. Advance to the semi-finals.
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