Whole 4 unwanted teabags!

November 09 [Fri], 2018, 22:30

I have some kind of problem is doing right here.
Well you see, I have some kind of dutch on the boxes is right
to my area and I don't know what to do.

No, these boxes is a tea pack. These boxes inside is contains pack of teabags.
Now I have 24 teabags in this boxes. Then equally pack to divided groups by 6
so now inside I have 4 packs.

Then I just have bought 4 boxes since a couple years ago...
And those are teabags. Inside teabags I have different fruits flavor. Just now then,
I have passion fruit, mango, lychee and lemon. These types are all different flavor so then
I have just to drink it like the last time taste!

Suddenly, did someone could be irritated and causing
the whole mess of it, but I have so many... And then, go and switch it and
all the things could be the most full pack of fruits flavor.
Recently someone go and mess up for no reason and one of the guys screw this up and cause
3rd party for a mess and then this tea have
Why? Because it's different than the last time! And also is a
fucking Singapore brand!

So I decided that I don't need this anymore. I don't use this anymore.
So I have to take this whole thing out and throw it away!
I take whole of the teabags out of the box and dump it and the box I will throw this away.

In order to do that, I will doing this immediately!
For this sake, to rule the whole Singapore!

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