In fact the clippers currently lack most is ambition

January 15 [Sun], 2012, 12:48
Chauncey billups, Paul, griffin, this season in the clippers overnight can rival Miami, also have the lakers, the knicks and other clubs, such as squad, when we start fantasy future Los Angeles is no longer a alone the overall situation, nfl football jerseys, we find it only the clippers it still lacks some what, is has been bringing people together? Or the strength of the bench? And still other???????
To say because the players together of the time is short, enough squad running-in, between the players not familiar with the word, also not not, after all, just set up the team will have many defects, and this season and for the sake of "crash" and let the players without a lot of opportunity to increase the tacit understanding. The team is not necessarily ready for the new season, is the start of the new season journey, in fact not just the clippers, each team have different degree of integration problems, nfl jerseys cheap , so we can't take the clippers are currently having the main problems due to the break-in.
If it is not the lack of integration, would be substituted players? This is easy to understand, as the rotation player, their strength is certainly not and starter players delimit equal-sign, after all five starters players sure a good game process and form after, they just need to keep the good situation, let the big players have plenty of time to rest. Of course there are also some tactics is need to fight for, to establish the bench man lead, but it is not the existence of these situations, and the clippers currently second group is not good for nothing, can be said to be "BiShangBuZu ratio descend enough to spare" of the status quo. cheap jerseys , Therefore, the clippers at present and we expected some of the main causes of the gap also seem not substitutes.
So the clippers at present the lack of what? In this paper the problem, however, we need to look at the clippers and the NBA's past, and those with a brilliant history of compared with the team, the clippers in his so many years of NBA history seems to have been among the troops of the three-point banker call, and home and the lakers this dominance of the real city rivals, so even if time had so much strength good players, but in the background of the accumulation of the many or worse, can say they don't have the team should have these years.
In NBA history, although there are a lot of teams have had extremely luxurious squad, but if that's the use "perfect" to measure words, does not appear to have a team can be called to mark, but for teams, these are not problems, because they appear in the stadium as long as, will give the opponent invisible stress and ZhenSheLi, discount nfl jerseys , forcing his opponent had to follow your own pace forward, to play the advantage of a once hidden weakness, and in our heart also left a garnett to one knee hit the floor, kobe Bryant misses the more you cast etc of the figure is...... But now of the clippers still do not have such factors, griffin is passion, but lack of the king's dominance, the clippers squad very luxurious, but also have no a strong background, the heat, the lakers than at present, perhaps the most lacking is not the star, and so on, but as a strong team of momentum.
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