My 5 minutes of yesterday's dreams

July 02 [Mon], 2012, 10:34
My 5 minutes of yesterday's dreams
After the final whistle of the match San Diego vs. Cincinnati that was tighter than I expected, ESPN had the good sense to switch to the last 5 minutes of Steelers / Packers. The last 5 minutes were simply amazing, stressful, in a word ... magical offering the best in the NFL.

1st-and-10 When the image of Heinz Field is displayed on my TV, it is to see Big Ben missed a pass in the direction of Miller Health.

2nd-and-10 The following action is Charles Woodson who comes in front of Hines Ward to divert the leather.

3nd-and-10 Despite a beautiful échapée Big Ben who sees no receiver unmarked, Trai Essex is called by the calling abitre an obvious offensive holding. The situation seems dramatic for the Steelers because it makes them lose holding 10 yards and put them almost out of range of the boot of Jeff Reed.

3nd-and-20 The action starts just as all human Packers go into deep cover. So forget the 20 yards to cover, Big Ben provides most by giving the leather covering Mendenhall 8 yards back and close at Reed Marcus Allen Jersey Field Goal GoalField (FG)
kick 3 point made most often in the fourth attempt when the attack was blocked. It is played from the place where the last action is completed. If successful it is 3 points and commitment. If unsuccessful, possession changes sides but there are two possibilities: before snapSnap
starting signal of the action when the center passes the ball to the QB., the ball was within 20 yards, then we replacera the ball on the line for 20 yards and it was placed beyond 20 yards , it is in the same place replacera ..

4th-and-12FIELD GOAL! Jeff Reed converted his kick perfectly to 43 yards and give the advantage to Pittsburgh 30-28. 43 yards is not huge but is known to kick at Heinz Field is always perileux: the packers Crosby also missed in the first half kicked of similar distance.

Kickoff action certainly the most important match happens then. There are only 3min58 to play an eternity and Pittsburgh has only 2 points ahead. Mike Tomlin decided to call an onside kick. The big surprise at the Packers Clay Matthews and one is around ... Ike Taylor picks up the leather, but in its own 40-yard what is forbidden. The Packers exultes recover because the leather on the opposing 39-yard, Troy Aikman say they have never seen anything so stupid throughout his career, and I hesitate between excitement and realism: in any case the Steelers are unable to 'stop the Packers so much take the points as fast to have time to have an offensive drive behind. Obviously, last year the defense would have held the score ... but this year it seems so impossible that the onside kick seems almost sensible.

1st-and-10 Aaron Rodgers throws the ball to his Tighend LaMarr Woodley but Donald Lee is talking about his power and Lee can not seem to pick up the leather.

2nd-and-10 Rodgers connects with Nelson on 9 yards. Progress is always nice but insufisante. Rodgers called a game no huddle but the pressure is strong, his bench requests a timeout.

3nd-and-1 A pass to his milimétrée tightend enough to win the first down and more since Green Bay is found at 20 yards from the embut.

1st-and-10 Mike McCarthy decided to out the big guns and give the leather its rider Ryan Grant. It is a bitter failure because Casey Hampton left his opposite on the spot and lost 4 yards to Grant. Hampton explodes with joy and hope it goes back to not collect a field-goal side Steelers.2ème OutTime Time Out
stops when the time following a request made by one of two teams. They Lawrence Taylor Jersey have three timeouts per half by 90 sec. - Pittsburgh

2nd-and-14 Aaron Rodgers attempts a pass Gay but keeping an eye and the ball does not arrive in the hands of the receiver.

3nd-and-14 lousy coverage from the rookie cornerback Joe Burnett allows a simple pass from Rodgers to become touchdownTouchdown (TD)
is the test that is 6 points and which can be converted to 1 or 2 choice points. Just as the ball enters the endzone. (No need to flatten) over 24 yards. The onside kick is still fresh in our memories and Bruce Arians (offensive coordinator) talks with Roethlisberger Clées to give him the match. The Packers play the two-point conversion and successful history of putting pressure on the Steelers and if they do miss their processing in case of possible touchdown, extensions are possible. From 36 to 30 for the Packers

Kickoff Stefan Logan inherited the kick a little a miracle because a precedent has missed the steelers leather by clumsiness, Logan tries a raise but earns only 2 yards and did not even reach his own 20 yards. Front of my television I rant against the task force unable to get out a decent game.

1st-and-10 Roethlisberger is looking for a password but can not seem to find one of his receivers stood out so he sent the leather takes on Heath Miller 6 yards on the action. Nothing extraordinary, but Woodson made a defensive mistake: the Steelers take the blame and 5 yards but mostly they take the first-down.

1st-and-10 An action for which we love and we hate too at times, Big Ben, his receivers are taken, it has a runner in target not too far but it refuses to pass the ball and gets Sacker. -4 Yards.

2nd-and-14 play 1minute28 has, and always cover the Packers unstoppable. Big Ben has no other choice but to give the leather a new Health Miller on 7 yards.

3nd-and-7 Big Ben seeks Santonio Holmes, but the pass is incaptable and everything will hinge on the 4th attempt.

4th-and-7 While carrots parraissent cramées side Steelers, the Packers have a coverage error. Mike Wallace and Charles Woodson from deep below the leaving linebackerLinebacker (LB)
versatile defensive player who is the second defensive curtain. Nick Barnett to cover Santonio Holmes on a path width. Holmes captures the leather without problem and takes 32 yards on the action because Barnett is too Authentic NFL Jersey slow to follow. Holmes has succeeded even stopped the clock out of bounds. 1minute5 to play.

1st-and-10 While Big Ben in hand again are improvisations, Max Starks suffers the ground and puts Clay Matthews, who had overtaken. Penalty of 10 yards against the Steelers.

1st-and-20 This time the bag is well and Big Ben has time to adjust its target, yet the ball goes directly to three Packers: Brandon Chillar away the intercepts and Bush ... while the referee throws his handkerchief bottom. Hines Ward has indeed been completely knocked on the action and the latter is on the ground instead of being on the path of the ball. Pittsburgh gained 5 yards and arrives at the midline.

1st-and-10 are connected then missed two actions: one goes too low on Mewelde Moore and a new penalty for a false start Max Starks who the Steelers back 44 yards on their own.

3nd-and-15 play and 39 seconds at one time available death Steelers side. Big Ben can not throw the deep leather because the Packers have put 5 PLAYERS, but it still must find at least 15 yards. This is Heath Miller who offers him the opportunity while relaxing at full length on the edge of the button. The defense can blame on the action because the coverage is random, but we must also say that the reception of Miller's anthology because it captures the leather in the air and puts both feet in the ground before crumble into touch. Nothing to say, a marvel of receipt.

1st-and-10 Finally the Steelers past the midfield, but as usual after a super action they enchaient of mediocrity to the point that I despair at my television. Big Ben is Sacker and all seems over, but the referee began his handkerchief to an obvious lack of a defender who held on to Mike Wallace well after the statutory five yards. Always 1st and 10 but less than 2 yards to go. Phew for the Steelers!

1st-and-10 The defense still covers the entire Green Bay area long leaving the fields in midfield: Miller as usual to his tent and pick up the leather 15 yards before a poor Clay Matthews is only to cover an area from its 34 yards to his 10 yards.
3rd Time Out Pittsburgh

1st-and-10 18 seconds, 19 yards ... and a first pass in the end zone to no avail.

2nd 2nd-and-10 pass in the end zone but it is far too high for that Ward could receive it. Roethlisberger almost seems to have done on purpose for no defender can not receive it.

3nd-and-10 3 seconds for a miracle! last year it was Santonio Holmes, who had issued the Steelers Nation ... but this year no one really believes. At most, the fans are crossing their fingers while dreaming, but none truly think they will be able to return home with their heads high. Yet Big Ben starts his arm ... the ball flies to the left side of the end zone ... Mike Wallace made a cut and captures the leather with both feet in the ground and the body already falling on the other side of the promised land ... the defender has taken him too long ... The referee raises his arms together all fans of yellow and noirTOUCHDOWN!! From 37 to 36 for the Steelers.
The Steelers have re-difference, they justified their legend, they finally give pleasure after 5 games catastrophic. Jeff Reed transforms the field-goal and Bruce Arians is fortunate to have known the outcome remind everyone of the last Superbowl ... Beautiful, scary, the NFL has its best ... and a bit of chauvinism on my part!
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