Trying to set up Hushmail on Android?

April 02 [Tue], 2019, 19:06
Are you trying to login Hushmail account on Android device? The best option is to access your Hushmail account configured on your Android phone using IMAP. Access your account conveniently whenever you want and wherever you are. Each time you need to check or send an email, go for Server settings (for Manual Setup).

Following are the step-by-step instructions in order to set up your Hushmail account on Android:
1.) First of all, go to the Applications menu on your Android device and select the Settings app.
2.) Tap on the Accounts options under Settings.
3.) Next, tap on Add account option.
4.) Select Personal (IMAP) option from the list.
5.) Enter your Email Address and tap on the Next button on the next screen. Wait until you are directed to the next screen.
6.) When the next screen opens, just enter your Password and click on the Sign-In button.
7.) A window will prompt-up to allow access to Client Gmail. Access your Hushmail data simply by tapping on the Allow button.
8.) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

After following the given steps, if your Hushmail account does not get configured on your Android device automatically then it will be a good step to get assistance from Hushmail Customer Support Phone Number. Here, you will be connected with one of our experts who will guide you at toll free helpline number. Quick and easy technical solutions will be offer to you with 100% satisfaction. The best part of our customer care services is that our team is available 24*7 with ultimate and excellent assistance. Do not delay in communicating with our team and receiving the best support as soon as possible.
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