Focus of the week 3

July 06 [Fri], 2012, 11:42
Focus of the week 3
Whatever the conference, the third day of the NFL has had its share of surprises. Arian Foster Jersey Some franchises have, fortunately or unfortunately, confirmed their state of form this season.

AFC East

Clampdown in mind since now three teams have a record of 2-1. The Dolphins' victory at the expense of the Bills have allowed men to Dave Wannstedt back tied with Buffalo. Meanwhile, the Jets still unrecognizable, suffer another setback against the Patriots. The 2002 winners of the pool known as the most relieved of the NFL shows a passive three defeats in three games with an average of -7 points per game against their opponent. The pill must be hard to swallow for fans who celebrate New York this year the 35th anniversary of their only victory in a Super Bowl (the III, 16-7 against the Colts). The misfortune of one making others happy, Brady and his crew won their 6th win in 7 games, counting the preseason.

AFC North

Status quo in this pool since the first 3 have won: Baltimore 24-10 in San Diego (0-3), Pittsburgh 17-10 in Cincinnati and Cleveland finally won his first victory and what a victory, since they have dropped the 49ers (1-2) 13-12 in California.
Cincinnati loses again and is one of six teams that had not yet won a game after the third week (Chicago Reggie White Jersey and Philadelphia (0-2) were free this week).

AFC South

Indianapolis (3-1 in preseason, now 3-0) won their third straight success at the expense of Jacksonville. Premises, led by Wayne with a 141y. ground, quietly necessary from 23 to 13. The Archie Manning Jersey Jaguars (6-10 in 2002) are not parties to redress the mean weight of years and may be becoming too heavy for Brunell (12/23 and 90Y.) And his friends.
Tennessee (4-0 in preseason, currently 2-1) win 27-12 against New Orleans (1-2) and remains in contact with the Colts.
Finally, Houston (1-2) are atomized at home by Kansas City: 42-14.

AFC West

Dick Vermeil can become the first coach to lead three different teams to the Super Bowl? This issue is already circulating in Brian Cushing Jersey the corridors of the NFL after only 3 days. Of course, Americans are fans of small stories and big stats but we must recognize that this attack makes us a little reminiscent of the Rams 99 '. Their QBQuarterback
is the strategist of the team. He decides tactics with his coach. He is responsible for passing the ball to his riders and distill the passes to his receivers., Trent Green, was injured in preseason when he was the owner of the Rams. His replacement, Kurt Warner, then returned to the stage, you know the rest. In all cases, the Chiefs are the patrons of the AFC West and their rivalry with the Broncos or the Raiders may even give us a great battle.
The Broncos and the Raiders compete in the Monday Night (game summary to come).
The red lantern of this pool is San Diego 0-3.

NFC East

The Giants blew the command of the Eastern Redskins who were lucky enough to receive. A victory, and Washington has two victories ahead of the rival New York, a defeat, and everything has to be redone. New York, already beaten by the Cowboys in this division, had to react and it is in pain it imposes 24-21. But it was hard! Giants lead 21-3 midway mark and no points in 2nd half by conceding even a 11-0 in 4th QT. The excitement that can be costly in a game cleaver. The two franchises are now tied for victory (2-1).
Philadelphia (0-2) and Dallas (1-1) were exempt.

NFC North

Minnesota is the only team to win their pool this week. Detroit (1-2) received the Vikings and they have been correct 23-13.
After a disastrous pre-season (1-3), the Vikes show the extent of their true potential in the competition. But be careful not to ignite.
Perhaps Andre Johnson Jersey the level of this pool will allow them to shine "artificially"! Only time will tell.
Green Bay fell to his share in the small Arizona Cardinals. The two teams have a record of 1-2.
Chicago (0-2) was free.

NFC South

Defending champions enjoy the rest day for the Panthers get closer to them in the standings by winning their second win of the season: from 31 to 10 in Atlanta. Surprised last week by Carolina's men were back Gruden to great effect with the precision and efficiency. Atlanta (1-2) shares the chair with New Orleans last.

NFC West

Surely the most impressive team in the NFC this season, the Seattle Seahawks (3-0) beat the Rams 24-23 after leading 24-10 early in the 4th QT. This is the best attack and defense of the third national conference. It is true that this division is not very spicy (for now at least), the performance is hard to assess. It still lacks a reference match against a big team in the AFC to make a real opinion.

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