Alms Offering Is Not Oof but From Soul

October 20 [Wed], 2010, 9:09

On Feb 16, 2007, the just outgoing UN Secretary General Kofi Annan,in a manor, Texas, held a charity dinner to raise funds for needy children in Africa. Invited to attend the dinner are wealthy businessmen and celebrities. At the time of beginning the dinner, an old woman took a girl, coming to the entrance of the manor. The little held a porcelain pot in her hands, which seemed very exquisite.What Mary-Kate Olsen Wearing? !

Anthony who guarded the door at the entrance stopped them. "Welcome, invitation please. Thanks." said Anthony. " Invitation cards. Sorry. We have not received invitation.She wanted to come.I just accompanied her." The old woman said to Anthony, stroking the little girl on the head. "I am sorry, but you can not go inside without the invitation if you are not staff." Anthony said. "Why? This is not a charity dinner? We are here to express our kindness, can't we?"Things you Should Know the Brand Which are the First : ugg bailey button

The old lady is solemn. Let's Pick Soundest ugg classic cardy for Our Dear Mom [Little Lucy knows from TV that here is a charitable activity for African children, so she want to do something for these poor boys. She decides to give off all she has in the bottle." The old woman`s face was very serious, [My lovely little Lucy knows that there will be a charity activity for African children on TV. She wants to do something for those poor children very much and decided to take out all the money in her piggy bank. Antony stopped for a while and said: [I am very glad that you bring your loving heart here, but I think it not proper for you to enter in this situation." "Uncle, benevolence is not the money, but the heart, isn't it?" the little girl Lucy who didn't speak all long asked Anthony. Her words made Anthony shocked.[I know that the invited people are very rich. They will take out a lot of money, I don`t have that much money, and this is all that I have. If I can`t come in, please bring this in for me!" With these words, Lucy gave the piggy bank to Anthony.

Anthony did not know whether he should took this or not. When he was confused, suddenly someone said:"Yes, child, you are right. Charity is not money. It is the heart. You can go inside, and all who caring people can go in." It was an old man talking, he was smiling, and standing beside little Lucy. Then, he bent to say a few words to little Lucy. Then he straightened up and handed an invitation to Anthony: "can I take her in?" After checking the invitation, Anthony saluted to the old man. "Of course, Mr Warren Buffet."

The leading role of the charity dinner that day was not the proponent Annan, not Buffett who donated three million U.S. dollars, not Bill Gates who donate 8 million U.S. Dollars, but little Lucy who donated only 30 U.S. dollars and 25 cents. However the slogan of the evening banquet also became: [Charity is not money, but heart." The second day all the big media in America all used this sentence as their headlines to report this charity banquet. After seeing the reports, many ordinary Americans said that they would donate to those poor children in Africa.