2006年01月16日(月) 11時41分

This yaer of the dog.
Thank you for your kindness and help during the past year.
I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.
Wishing you good health / happiness, etc


2005年12月19日(月) 11時44分
On December 17, 2005, a lot of snow fell in Hiroshima. I went to a part-time job with a motorcycle that day. I went to there carefully, because a lot of snow was piled up, and a road was frozen. The house which I found when I went to there, it seemed to be a monument. This picture's house is that one.

When a parttimer ended me and was going to return to a house, snow was piled up very much.

Besides a road was too frozen,so I returned on foot.


2005年12月12日(月) 11時15分
1 yard = 0.914 m
1 league = 4.827km 3 mile
1 rod = 5.029m
1 stone = 6.348 kg
1 brasse = 1.828m
1 mile = 1609 m 1760 yards
1 foot = 3048cm
1 pound = 453.592 g
1 guren = 6.479 t
1 onsu = 28.3495 g
1 inch = 2.54 cm
1 yard = 91.44cm
1 gallon = 4546.09 cm3
1 quart = 1136.5225 cm3
1 acre = 4046.71 m2
1 pint = 568.26125 cm3
1 bushel = 36368 cm3
1 bar = 100000 Pa
1 atm = 101324.87 Pa
1 carat = 0.2 g
1 barn = 1.0*10^23 cm2
1 torr = 133.322 Pa

meeting of robot soccer 

2005年11月28日(月) 11時33分
The ninth world meeting of Robo Cup was held in Osaka. An aim of Robo Cup to make an autonomy mobile robot can beat world champion of soccer by 2050. This picture is a match of a medium-sized robot league.

A league by robots such as car played soccer until now, but a league by two pairs of autonomy type walk robots became an official item from world meeting of 2002. This picture a match of a two pairs of autonomy type walk robots league.

I think that an aim of Robo Cup achieves by 2050 when a meeting thrives more.

cellular phone 

2005年11月21日(月) 11時48分
A cellular phone is a necessary thing these days. The first cellular phone was released in April, 1987. It is only for calling, and it was very big and heavy. This photograph is the first cellular phone.

In comparison with it, a recent cellular phone is superior in function, too, and its design is good, too. As well as it, It became very small and is easy to carry it.This photograph is a recent cellular phone.

However, I have a problem as a new cellular phone was released. Its functions increase in number, and it is difficult for me to understand how to use it.
However, it is good that a new cellular phone should be developed.

Cerebral infarction 

2005年11月14日(月) 11時08分
Brains are the most important in the human internal organs, so a large quantity of blood streams run through brains. When a main blood vessel does not flow, and blood does not reach brains, the part is broken. This is cerebral infarction.
"RAKUNA stoppage" occupies half neighborhood of cerebral infarction by most types to a Japanese. As for the symptom, there are many comparatively light cases,but when it is generated repeatedly, it can cause blood vessel-related dementia and Parkinson syndrome.

There is "Atheroma blood clot-related stoppage" and "Original heart characteristics cerebral embolism symptom" in a kind of cerebral infarction as well as "RAKUNA stoppage".
Cerebral infarction is one of the lifestyle-related diseases. So, it is the most important treatment to improve a habit.

ozone layer 

2005年11月07日(月) 11時18分
The ozone layer surrounding the earth absorbs most of harmful things in the ultraviolet rays which are included in sun light from space and protects us. But the ozone layer is destroyed in those days. Therefore quantity of harmful ultraviolet rays arriving at ground increases, and there is danger that bad influence occurs for health and ecosystem of a person.

When we watch the photograph which took the earth from space, I can confirm an ozone hole.

We must not destroy the ozone layer more than this to protect the body from harmful ultraviolet rays from space.


2005年10月31日(月) 11時52分
Japanese people have used MD players, but I think that they will use the i-Pod. Fanction of the i-Pod is great. We download music on the Internet, and we can take music in the i-Pod. The i-Pod is advantageous in that a lot of and is easy to employ us.

There are a lot of accessories to a i-Pod. I-Pod socks is very cute, we can pour it over a machine.

Electricity automobile 

2005年10月24日(月) 11時20分
  Air pollution is a very important probrem these days. One of the causes of the probrem is autmobile exhaust. The electric automobile is expected as a solution of the probrem.
The car of this picture is ''Rusiorlu''. This car was made six years ago. But performance of the car is very good.
The car of this picture is ''e-com''. This car is electric automobile, and in addition, it is automatic drive.

festival in my hometown 

2005年10月17日(月) 11時48分
From yesterday to tomorrow , festival open in my hometown. The festival is called ''Niihama taiko maturi''.
This picture is a portable shrine. The portable shrine is called ''Taikodai''. There are more than 60 portable shrines in my hometown. The portable shrine's weight is over 2.5 ton, and about 150 people carry this on their shoulders.
This festival is splendor and gorgeous.
I like this festival.
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