not how strong the Sky Bow camp these people

December 18 [Tue], 2012, 16:58

Zhou Weiqing thought, said: Guards soldiers uniforms get another nine, the last time we get to us. we pretend the West Beidaying sent patrols will Wolf Rider. failure or let some of them escape, it will not be exposed Warriors the location of the camp. Zhou Weiqing came unparalleled Camp, to bring changes in the Warriors camp, Wei Feng is within sight, the battalion commander, we now have recognized. Least, Zhou Weiqing able to let them eat, dress warmly interests can take. And, more important, Zhou Weiqing bring them a future hell out hope Taobao Women Lynx Taobao Mall, Taobao Women winter jacket Taobao Lynx Taobao Mall, Taobao Women winter jacket Taobao Lynx Taobao Mall Taobao Women winter jacket Taobao Lynx Taobao Mall, Taobao Women winter jacket. Zhou Weiqing said: just let everyone see me several teachers surprising facility arrows Zhou Weiqing are so sick, several also poor got? A little too much, horses and equipment have been sent over, including Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Mayfair, put 16 Division Chikae light armor, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Mayfair or riding their devil horse nine washed down from the hills, and opened battle toward the plains direction. Zoned wind simple sentence, smiled and said: then, it has demonstrated the the Tien Kung Camp powerful confidence. The Wolf Rider only seven people, while opponents never faced before, but do not forget that once the Tien Kung empire is to rely on the Tien Kung camp deterrence Crecy Empire, even Pictet Empire. Before the program winds are not told Zhou Weiqing, Pictet Empire sent the Tien Kung camp Weisha many Dzi division led to a strong king level, we can imagine, Pictet empire the Sky Bow camps how value. Yes, not how strong the Sky Bow camp these people, individual strength, but they play the arrows to the extreme. When seven of them one time, even if it is the face of the the nine beads cultivation Dzi division Yipin. The the Shangguan Mayfair in Zhou Weiqing around, she is also very curious, Zhou Weiqing these teachers how capacity. Naturally be able to repair her feel these people have not one day force than their own, and even a Dzi division are not just ordinary Imperial beads division, but, see Zhou Weiqing looked them admirer. Just then the distant ray of dusty gallop, moving in their direction. Observe that they brought up the soot can be found in these wolf cavalry speed even faster than the devil horse, almost Zhou Weiqing horned devil horse running speed is almost the same. Wolf Rider Rumbler in, not loud, and has been able to see the sight of them, but did not hear a sound like the Horseshoe. Everyone vision to be more than anyone has been able to see about one thousand yards away, a team of 100 people cavalry is rapid pedicle Chi from. Wolf Wolf Rider under cross hair is gray and black, larger than the average wolf burly, the great body of nearly three meters tall stature, not to mention hide so than the horses, although still far from have one Xiong Li of gas blowing. Sitting in the back of the Wolf, Wolf Rider, with only simple Leather, the most striking their heads, wearing the double angle Platehelm. A Victim extremely muscular physique. Handheld large Zhanma Dao nearly meters long enough. The Wolf Rider Benxing the Zhou Weiqing they see, the direction of the front line to make some adjustments, apparently saw Zhou Weiqing their existence. The Rumbler speed actually once again raise a little straight to their side come. Change it, fort, you have two main attack, clothing and poetry, battlefield auxiliary, rogue is responsible for the net, and into the less than two hundred yards North Face Tech Dolomite, grass and wood grace is responsible, I maneuver. from make quick allocated. In fact Men's Canada Goose Foxe Cheap, to their many years of cooperation, even if he does not say, all will not be what makes a mistake. Iam check is a good soldier of the Empire werewolf tribe of the beasts, by virtue of the accumulation of military medals on the battlefield, he had risen to the squadron commander and military merit higher, there was promoted to deputy battalion commander may. The population of the empire of the beasts far no transit empire so vast, but it can be universal soldier. Iam check this speaking quietly into transit within the empire, led the squadron is to hunt some the West Beidaying side sent the patrol. Last fall, the looting of food almost finished, some stretched their werewolf tribes branch food. Although very scornful of transit empire's cavalry, but the cavalry horses act as the food is good. Moreover, more than cut a few head back, maybe sub-tribes, chiefs adults will be nominated to become deputy battalion commander. Iam check this thing has not first done by virtue of the wolf cavalry advantage in speed, they frequently gains at the border to View A Ma, and this is no exception. Far, he is one to see a transit Empire squad, Rangers must. They have horses. Haha, this is really smooth Mara back enough tribes eat a few days. Iam investigation immediately ordered toward the side of a small team of transit Empire soldiers launched the assault. The assault has only just begun, suddenly, Mariam check kind of bad feeling has a lineage of wolf, werewolf clan soldiers perceived than ever to pass many human strong. Just then, accompanied by a shrill piercing sound to a sharp arrow in front of him. Iam investigation is worthy of a good werewolf clan squadron leader, a critical juncture in his hand Zhanma Dao is almost completely instinctive upward lift. The generous blade, just blocked a stone's throw. When a loud explosion Ming, Asia Feng Lou hands of Zhanma Dao violent tremor, his entire upper body also will be backward somewhat. A great effort, to encounter human Imperial Pearl teacher. This is iam check first judgment. Shortly thereafter, he saw a shining red arrows drawn over from their own side. Of bombers, a werewolf soldiers in the sudden outbreak of fire, lift under the wolf back, his reaction may not iam check fast. Leather completely broken, chest chest. The Department is also a bloody pulp. However, at this time, showing the elite of the of the beasts Empire Wolf Rider werewolf soldiers that were bombers flying behind the other wolf cavalry, turned quickly swept aside to the sides, did not actually produce the collision. The longer rear some time to react werewolf soldiers then down, sucked their companions. light, the body also seems to grow up a bit. Empire of the beasts, Imperial beads division this career only Dzi teacher. That is, they do not have a a purely somatic beads Division and Italian beads division. Either the Dzi division or ordinary soldiers. However, the various tribes of the beasts, Empire tribe has a unique place, it is calling for the power of the totem blood. In a short period of time to enhance their combat effectiveness. The werewolf clan spell to call for blood forces: Figure Lulu. The strength of the werewolf family of blood, to make their own defense force and speed enhancements at the same time. Including their money wolf. The other side, each released a stone Han unfamiliar and the high lift, his face showing surprise color. Mariam check block stone Korean street shooting, the bombers fly a Wolf Rider, natural from the the soaring fire properties Arrow. At this point some 700 yards distance, both sides, but for their arrows ATK they are very clear, even that wolf cavalry leader easily blocked Han Maek arrows, while ordinary wolf cavalry in the Gaosheng stone , but it seems not dead, only wounded it. Figure Lulu cries at the same time issued from the mouth of hundreds Wolf Rider, glaucoma shine speed suddenly exploded Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber Outlet, and they stepped out of the Wolf, Xiong Li of the gas with a strong rushing towards the side. Shangguan Mayfair sit on the sidelines in the side, she is also secretly surprised Not surprised in the the wolf cavalry of tough, but surprised at the Korea street and soaring arrows. That was a distance of 700 yards! If ordinary people to see, and I am afraid that only vaguely see some tiny black only. And northern weather, the wind is great, so far distance. They shot the arrow was still like long eyes generally identify the target, this is not a simple archer can do. Zhou Weiqing surprising facility to praise their arrows will not be excessive. Jin votes to send more, what it says, and just strong and also add more votes. Only this one day, oh, a rare opportunity, we Come smashing votes. []

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