I will let go as what you like 

2010年08月21日(土) 17時41分
Never mind

If it is just a big big mistake and absurd joke
Then I will let go as what you like

The past we had will be left behind
Those words are nothing but a big big lie

Then the best policy is that
I will let you hind behind the color of night

A lost song once in my mind 

2010年08月21日(土) 15時46分

After more than 3 years
Due to the needs of packing and moving
I recalled the place we'd shared before

I followed the guidng bird
And came to your site
Reading what you wrote to me
And thinking of you with the hidden emotions
That I thought I had forgotten in mind

Shall I pick up the memories
And let you slip into my life?

Silence come
And silence smile
After A dream about someone who was living in my mind
And the answer come to the last night

With the mercy of God,
Without any expectation,
The information about who you really are
Appeared in my eyes

Compared with the memories I had
I felt sad and confused about the guy

Who are you?
Who are you at all?

A close friend
A poetry writer
A music sharer
A lier?
An unforgetable phanton in my mind?

Once upon a time
I could easly find out when you were thinking of me
Once upon a time
I would earger to read what you wrote to me
Once upon a time
I should pray for you
For every moment when you felt alone

But how come the time ended that weired
With some unknown or absurd reasons

What on earth
What kind of the relationship we had before?

Should I keep the NAME in mind?
Shall I pray for you again?

If you are still alone all over the ocean and
think of me behind the night
knock knock the window of my heart
With your honest and sincere soul and mind