April 06 [Sat], 2013, 7:29
Many thing had happened to me...
AN CAFE concert (was the best of all)
I had new hair and I cannot show a photo of it
But anyway it's blue now, but I'm going to dye it for purple
It had to wait.
I'm going to sleep

Oyasumi minna


October 06 [Sat], 2012, 20:30
I didn't learn for japanese lesson
I'm too lazy because I've downloaded many songs... from BugLug(=^-^=)
Don't blame me~! ! ! Issei has too awesome voice fufufufufufufu...
So yeah, tomorrow I'll write a test of all hiraganas that I haven't learned.I should start to learn.
On monday I don't have school so me and some friends of mine are going to buy the con tickets and on tuesday or wednesday I'll order the An Cafe concert ticket \ ( * o * ) /

We are going to only for one day.I only go for one day because my japanese lesson is always starts on sunday . w .
Aaaah maybe I should start these hiraganas. ( > _ < )


September 25 [Tue], 2012, 2:18
I did my japanese homework....

i was practicing the hiragana...we still only learn that.

we have written some words like: tv-terebi, lamp-denki and our homework was to write them in hiragana...i hope i did it well.
i wait sunday...i want learn more
now im going to watch the dull hungarian seria...


September 22 [Sat], 2012, 17:03
i forgot my password so i couldnt log in....but now i remember

i know i dont write this blog so often, but i have the ameblo...gomen

you can find me here more often.

now i cant write any interestings...
lets listen some j-rock!
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i hate orange---->
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