Up to Now 

2006年04月10日(月) 21時41分
It has passed about 1 weeks after I moved to this house "International House" which is the dorm for exchanging students from other 6 coutries like USA. China. Korea, France and so on...

I soon got along well with them!! and last weekend, we went to Hanami.
Actually, it was the first time for me to do Hanami!!
I mean I never did something like drinking and eating under the tree till then.
but some foreign students had already done Hanami once or more at that time,
so maybe they could be the Hanami specialist than me!!?

In that Hanami party, some Japanese guys from other group started dancing!!
like YMCA by. Hideki Saijyo!!
Actually, YMCA is originally from US. so some my foreign friends were really interested in it, and danced and sung together!! We really enjoyed Hanami!!

After that , some friends and me went to the beach!! to re-drink!!
We did some drinking game !! and chatting, chatting...
That was so great !! I can`t express how I enjoyed it!!

Today, my classes have started!!
I have to switch my brain from playing mode to studying mode...

That`s why I re-started this English blog after about 1 month
see ya!!!!!!

I'm back!! 

2006年03月13日(月) 18時55分
I went home from Canada last night.
The long flight was really killing me.
I wanna go back to Canada, but I hesitate because of the long distance.

Now, I`m in Japan and that busy days starts again.
Today, I am already busy. I had to go to Univ. to get documents about credit.
and what`s worse!! tomorrow, I have to go to Univ. again.

I don`t have any time to bask in the afterglow of Canada.
Rush of busyness is killing me!!!


2006年03月11日(土) 12時26分
Today, I graduated the language school in Victoria!!
I took tests yesterday, and today I got the result!
It was not good, not bad... I mean 'so-so"

I am happy to graduation without any serious accsident!! but,
more than it, I am so happy that I now have a lot of friend in the world!
When I came to Canda, you know, I was alone.
I came here by my self! but now, it's changed.
I have many friends and a very kind family in Canada.
Now, I am not alone here any more!!

Actually, thinking about things like that, I cried today on the way to home.
Today, I am really easy to cry. I don't know how many times I cried...

With a lot of nice memory, I'm going to leave for Japan tomorrow!!

Bye! Canada! Bye Victoria!! and thank you very much!!

I'll come back again!!


2006年03月09日(木) 12時35分
In Victoria, you can see a lot of cherry blossoms inspite of not warm weather.
I think the temperature of Victoria is as cold as that of Fukuoka, but
since I came here, the cherry blossoms have been full blooming!!
till today. Yes, finally they are being out of bloom..... Oh, my god!!

What's worse, it has been not good weather recently!!
Especially, today is terrible!! sooooooo windy!! chilly! and rainy!!!
It should be sunny for me!!
What's happen to Victoria?? Victoria misses me?? Victoria is crying for me??
Don't stop crying!!
Please show me nice blue sky again!!


2006年03月08日(水) 10時50分
Since the Chocolate Fest, I have eaten chocolates every day!
Now, I am really addicted to them.

Today, I found the drink that it describes me clearly!!
It was a hot chocolate in a cafe though,
it was not just a cup pf hot chocolate!!
the name is so nice... Chocoholic!!

and really! this drink made me chocoholic!! no,
made me the SUPER chocoholic!! I think.

After only 4 days, I'm gonna leave here, Victoria.
I miss this beautiful place and also miss this special drink!

Maybe, tomorrow I will drink Chocoholic again!!

The Last Week In Victoria 

2006年03月07日(火) 10時49分
My last week in Canada begins!!
Time flies!! Time goes so fast!!

Now, I have many things I wanna do!!
I can't miss any time and this time.

Today, I walked around downtown and went to
west victoria after school inspite of my stiffed body.
However, it was so nice!!
I could see downtown Victoria from that place.

I am sorry that I can't show you my pictures,
but when I go back to Japan, I will do!!

and also I am so sorry that I don't write this diary in Japanese!! Actually, I have to wait for using computer in school for a long time, and now it is kind of pain in the neck a little.

Anyway, I have no time!! I wanna enjoy as possible as I can!!

Please give a lot of time to such a selfish girl...


2006年03月06日(月) 10時46分
Now...I can't move easily.


My body gets stiffed!!

because I went snowboarding to Mt. Washigton yesterday.
That was a nice place!! I like it!! but I hate snowboarding!!
I don't want to see that board!!

While I was snowboarding,( in fact, I couldn't even stand...I struggled against that board!!) I had a headache and felt really sick!!

My unbelivable poorness for snowboarding disgusted me
and the instructors, too!!
I tried many times, but I couldn't control my body.

After all, I rode on the board like a sled.
I rather enjoy this style than snowboarding.

Fortunately, I could change snowboarding to skiing!!
I usually don't like to give up something, but this time...sorry. Anyway, I enjoyed skiing at the rest of the time!

As I expected, now my body really hurts!!
I am walking like a robot...
but this morning, I had to stand up!! to go to the special
sweet event..... CHOCOLATE FEST!!

It was the festival I couldn't wait and sleep for a long time...
That was a great!! Really Great!!

I ate a lot of chocolates from famous shops in Victoria.
I could taste, of course, many chocolates, ice cream, hotchocolates and so on...

Now, I don't wanna eat any chocolates!! but tomorrow
I'll eat again!!

New Month 

2006年03月01日(水) 12時11分
New month came!! in Japan, actually in Canada still now...February 28th!!
But soon, i m gonna back to Japan!!
I miss Canada, meanwhile I wanna go back to japan.
and in this month, I m gonna leave my home town, too!!
From April, Im gonna live alone!!!
March might be a key month for me!!

By the way, now Im enjoying every day!!
the school is so fun! the friends and people are so nice!!
and host family is really kind! and also the dishes are really nice!!
My host father loves to cook, so he every day cooks very well!!
I think he should be a chef!!

After school, i go around downtown!! Victoria has many historical buildings!! so just walking around, i can enjoy!!
To my surprise, there are many cafe in Canada!! especially, in Vancouver , I could see Starbucks at every block!! I thought how Canadian love Coffee!! especially Starbacks!!
Many people brought their own coffee!!
I'm afraid that Canadian are Cafeinholic!!
Me, I always drink a cup of hot chocolate!! I love chocolates!!
My host mother calls me 'Chocolate Monster!!'

and actually, I'm gonna "Chocolate Fest." on this weekend!!
I'm looking forward such an incredible event!! I wanna eat many chocolates!!

before this Fest. I'm gonna Mt.Washignton for snowboarding!!
It is the first time to do snowboarding!!
so, I'm now anxious a little,bacause I don't do exercise recently.....
but it's OK!! I anyway try and try!!

After a week 

2006年02月22日(水) 13時11分
It has passed 1 week after I came to Canada!
First, I was confused about the host family or school life, but now
I'm getting accustomed.
I never felt "home sickness".
I am really enjoying with a lot of friends from several countries.
And the classes are so fun!!

Now, I feel time flies!
I need more time to stay here.

I want to go back to Japan to eat my mother's yummy food, while
I really like my host's food, too and anyway I love Victoria.

What should I do!?
maybe I need Doraemon and Dokodemo Door!!


2006年02月11日(土) 1時07分
The time has come
Today, I leave for Canada
Now, I have mixed feeling.
I'm excited to go to Canda, while I feel anxious a little

Any way, all I want is to keep good health and have fun

Be positive and get active
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