September 16 [Sun], 2007, 19:49

i'm lost.

I'll try to find something to say here, but now i can't.
sorry ._.

see ya later ~

Thank you Dio ! 

July 15 [Sun], 2007, 0:40
'Yahoo!' is really cool to translate blogs.. haha
Well, I don't know if it's a very good translation, but I can understand what Mikaru says.
It's difficult for me to write in english very well... it's hard to explain my feelings even in french, and it's harder in english. (and yahoo can't help me haha)
But I'm really touched by the last Mikaru's blog entry. I read Ivy, Erina, Denka and Kei's blogs too, I think they are really great persons. I also saw them in Japan Expo at Paris, their live was so so so greaaat !! *o*
And they were really nice and cool with us, with fans. I was surprised because of that. They don't feel themselves superior or what else. I think really good things about them.
So, even if they probably will never read it, I want to say them "Thank You !!"
Thank you very much ! Thank you Dio, because your music is absolutely wonderful. Thank you to exist ! >.<
Your live was magic ! It's the first time that I had so much fun with a live. The public was really good, we had fun all together, with you.
I was in front of Erina and Ivy, it was really cool there. I saw Mikaru very well too, and Denka too. Kei was a little far of me, but when he came in front of us, he was really 'kakkoii' too. >w
When Erina took my hand, I thought 'I want to keep him' haha ._.
This live is a very very good memory for me, I hope it is for you too.
I'm in a hurry to see you again, quickkkkkkkkk !

I love Dio, I love Mikaru, I love Erina, I love Ivy, I love Denka, I love Kei, I love your music, I love GOD forsaken, Garasu no Umi, Fuzai Toiu Genjitsu E, Last Dance... Yeaaah I love you! >3<





ps : sorry for my bad english u.u


July 12 [Thu], 2007, 4:53
Hi everyone ! ~ (^o^)/
I'm a french girl, but call me Saeko. I can't speak japanese but I think a blog on yaplog is good to meet japanese people. I would want to talk with japanese girls and boys, especially visual-kei fans/musicians ! =O
I love a lot of japanese bands, especially visual-kei and j-rock.
My favourite are... I think the GazettE. But there are a lot ! >.<
Dio ~distraught overlord~ are very very good ! I saw them sunday (july 8th) at Japan Expo. I'm really fan of them now ! It was amasing, wonderful!
I also like D'espairsRay, BLOOD, kagerou(I saw their last live in France ._.) 176BIZ, RENTRER EN SOI, deadman, MUCC (I saw them too ^^v), Vidoll, Sadie, Plastic tree, Phantasmagoria, Merry, Nightmare, KANA, Girugamesh, and of course X-JAPAN, and hide, LUNA SEA... Well, there are too many @___@
I would want very much to talk with japanese visual-kei fans and musicians ^-^/

If you are okay, comment or check my myspace => ~SaeKo~

I'm waiting for you ><
Thank you to read~

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