Acer X 3830T Timeline: mobile, efficient and affordable

July 20 [Wed], 2011, 17:07

Acer X 3830T Timeline: mobile, efficient and affordable

Good and not so good with the screen. Dell inspiron e1505 battery has once again the lure of shiny gloss with a kill. Readability takes a hit, mainly because the brightness does not rise very high. Correcting advantages over the plate by a fairly wide viewing angle and contrast. The colors are pretty accurate with perhaps a slight tendency to pull to the blue worm. The speakers Dolby Home Theater sound quality clothing and brand products and offer a very accurate, if what is usually done on the comparison of the ultra-portable, especially as the potential level is quite high.

If netbooks that supporters of mobility, a low cost alternative to ultra-portable offered, however, that they offered relatively limited capacity, especially in terms of performance. Those who need a little more punch, while maintaining their mobility should therefore move towards ultra-portables are often very expensive.Dell latitude d510 battery change this state with this version of his 2011 Time Line X. Timeline called X 3830T, the model we tested is the most compact and least expensive of the family. The screen is reassuring usual weakness with strong hinges and a rigid shell.

All the usual ports answer the call, three USB ports (USB 3.0), two video outputs (VGA and HDMI) and traditional audio input / output. A memory card reader is on the front edge of the machine, while RJ-45 port is also part of the course. Wireless standards are also complete with wireless N, but also Bluetooth version 3.0. We are not against fans not very positioning of the ports. The outlets are mostly produced on both sides towards the front of the Dell latitude d531 battery that is not practicable, a space-saving device, when removed simultaneously on a keyboard. Chicklet keyboard is large and very comfortable. However, the multi-touch touchpad is a bit small.

Laptomag could test the new Aspire Acer TimelineX 3830TG. The 13.3 "takes what is based on the success of the previous version, that is, a relatively thin design, a configuration with an Intel processor and an attractive price.In the model, that our colleagues were able to judge it an i5 2410M Sandy Bridge generation is built, it comes with a GeForce GT 540M Optimus and technology from NVIDIA, the course of the game.Dell latitude d600 battery is a pity that it is very accurate and it is not the place lacks.This machine was announced last month with nearly nine hours of battery life, it will see in our colleagues what it is and if the machine does not heat up beyond measure.

It must be admitted, were a few years ago, the Acer machines are not particularly known for its design and workmanship. Fortunately, this trend in recent years has been reversed. The look of the 3830T will not turn heads, but above all it is quite nice and almost out. As for the colors, Acer is moving away from the usual black and gray, in others the adoption of an original cobalt blue. We like Dell latitude d610 battery or not, but the colors are neutral enough to happen relatively everywhere. For the processing is very satisfying and Acer continues to grow. Materials, both metal and plastics are of good quality and excellent installation.

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