2 bad news... 

May 07 [Thu], 2009, 16:59
My dear blog and friends,
i'm on a short hiatus (i hope). Currently there's a problem with my internet connection, so i can't go online. i'm now at the library. :)

Another bad news.
My grandpa (mom's father) in Kedah is sick and admitted to ICU in the hospital.

Back on last Saturday, my younger sis Chihiro watched a Hindi movie on tv starring Amitabh Bachan. i said that he looks similar our grandpa, and how i missed him because he's in another state and very far from my place.
Then, on the 5th, mom received the news from her brother about grandpa.
My mom already fly to Kedah yesterday. And my dad will go there this Saturday.

i wish i can go there too.
i have another 2 assignments to complete; Marketing Planning due on next Tuesday, and Services Marketing due next next week.
My Marketing Research assignment just finished, and waiting for Onineko to compile it and send to the lecturer.
Ah, i forgot about my Multimedia Project 2. >_<
That one i have to re-do some stuff from the website.
Maybe i should ask for extensions from the lecturers.

Oh yea...something weird happened yesterday. LoL.
i'll blog about it when i have the opportunity to go online again. :)

Tomorrow i need to go to BSN to check about my Swinburne fees.
Swinburne finance dept. called me this morning saying that my payment didn't get through because BSN typed in a wrong account number. D:

Again, i hope that my assignments will finish soon. So i can fly to Kedah to visit my grandpa. :)

Ya Allah...Kau selamatkanlah Tok Wan...

R.I.P. Aaron 

May 03 [Sun], 2009, 0:58
i just found my cat Aaron, dead in the middle of the road.
Suspected that he was being hit by a car...

My dad just came back from his work, and when he entered the house, he asked someone to get the dead cat out from the road. i was so shocked because, me too just got back from supper with Yabuki. But i didn't see anything on the road.


i touched the little guy...already cold. But somewhere at his tummy still felt warm. The blood gushed down to my arm when i carried him back to my house. i guess that he's being dead around 20 - 30 minutes from now. It's probably happened earlier, OR at the same time i got back..... which somehow i felt that it's probably Yabuki who did it... Uh...i don't know! But, just now when he called, he's kinda knew what is going on.
And sounded...guilty. Maybe i'm still upset right now so i accused him. For sure, i'm notgoing to forgive whoever did that unless he/she apologized.

Sigh...still...poor Aaron...rest well my dear.
We'll meet each other again in heaven one day.
Thank you very much for being my good friend and a good cat since the day you're born. i love you.

Happy Birthday Bunnie! 

May 01 [Fri], 2009, 10:50
Happy birthday to you~ happy birthday to youuuu~
Happy birthday to Ai Ling a.k.a. Bunnie~~
Happy birthday to youuuuuu~~!!!!

yayyy!! *throws confettis*

And oh, Happy Labours Day too!

Anyway, my internet is very sucky. i couldn't log on to irc nor msn for my discussion with my group. =__= Couldn't make an early birthday for bunnie too.

Yeah, today...my plans are...

1. Going out with mom to Boulevard to find Mi~ya's pants. All of her pants are torn at the knee part because she couldn't walk but only move around with her body, and have to use her knee and arms more. Poor kid...^^;;

2. Go out with Yabuki...that is after Friday Prayer for him. But going where? .__.

3. At 7pm, going to Tomu-san's house to celebrate Bunnie's birthday. i heard that Tomu is going to cook Yakitori. :D But i'll be bringing my own food because i'm not sure what they are going to serve. (For Halal matters) ^^;;

i better PM Tomu whether it is okay or not to bring food, because he's the house owner. :X

i still can't believe it that he's the same age with me. ._.


So, i better go prepare now.
See ya! Mata ne~!


May 01 [Fri], 2009, 10:15
My deepest condolences to the Chief Minister and the family on the lost of his loving wife, Datuk Amar Puan Sri Dr. Hajjah Laila Taib.


Hajjah Laila patting the a persian cat in the Kuching 3rd International Cat Show.
Picture credit to here.

May her soul rest in peace. Amin...


April 29 [Wed], 2009, 9:30
i wanted to blog about this last 2 days, but ended up not
doing it because i'm lazy and got disrupted with
something else.
i got my Service Marketing class at 10:30 am, and an SPSS mid-term test at 12:30 pm. But i need to type down now or else
i won't be updating at all. Haha!

Oh, waifu is in irc right now, poking me...lol.

See? Another interruption...

Last Sunday i went to send Yabuki out to his boss' house since they're going back to Sibu together. Before that, he went to
hang out at my house. Well, sort of 'hang out' since he only sit next to me doing his office works (well, i dunno what it is,
but it does look like 'Data Entry' to me), and i as usual, browser shopping. xD

Then, for lunch, mom cooked Spicy Sambal Catfish. Yummy~!
i don't have the pictures, but it looks like the picture below. :D

Picture credits to: Google and This blog.

p/s: Sambal literally means the gravy or sauce that is made out from chillies and shrimp paste.

After that we went out to the Bus Station to cancel his ticket. It was kinda late but the person in-charge was nice enough to
let him cancel the ticket, and open it for next week when
he goes back here in Kuching.

Then, we went to his house so that he can pack his belongings before going to his boss' house. While waiting, i chatted with his grandma
and mom. Then, his mom cooked some 'Cucur Bubuk' or 'Shrimp-yaki'
for tea. LOL.

It was kinda late at 6 (he needs to be there at 8 pm), so
we moved. First, we went to Boulevard because Yabuki still wanted
to do his works at IpohTown Kopitiam. i suggested that J&J restaurant should
be nearer to his boss' house at Tabuan area. But well, i can go find
some stuff at Guardian in Boulevard. Nothing to lose, we thought.
Arrived there, we went separately; him with 2 laptops (his and mine),
straight to IpohTown and ordered some drinks. And i, straight ahead to Guardian.

At Guardian, i noticed that they put some Guards. New rules i guess? i looked around since i'm not really familiar with where they put the stuff. Found what i wanted to buy, but choosing is hard. xD i couldn't find the one that i always use; especially the
combo is darn cheap as it's being advertised on the newspaper, so i picked up the
one in Green Tea smell. A bit expensive than the one i always buy.

Okay, a trivia...What did Videl buy? Green Tea? Food? BZZT BZZT!! Wrong! Chigau
yo! Carefree Panty liners. i loooovveee those that smells nice! :D i got the habit of
sniffing the new (of course!) pantyliners because they smell great! XD My grandma's
expression, "WHY THE HECK are you sticking that THING on your nose???"

i noticed that the Guard always follow me around...
Still, not really care about it, i look around...

And, i found my fave shampoo that i've been looking for months (since late 2008)!

Intensive Solutions!

It's very hard to find them in Kuching anymore! So i grabbed them 2. xD
It's the smell (again) that i got hooked with the shampoo. Smells like Ralph Lauren
Glamorous perfume.

Then i got annoyed with the guard...he followed me around...but not with other
customers! Maybe it's the way i dressed up; gypsy skirt, flipflop, fitted tee,
very minimal. Or my face is simply look like a THIEF?
i just rushed to the counter, paid, and went out quickly from the store.
Good thing was the cashier smiles and said, "Thank you, please come again!".

Aku rasa nak campak duit ratus-ratus kat muka guard tu. Apa dia ingat aku tak
mampu nak beli shampoo?? Pastu, aku kutip balik la duit tu...ahahaha~! XD

At IpohTown Kopitiam, we sat for a while. Yabuki still doing his works that time.

Mr. Moustache and my Poupee Girl

My laptop and Iced White Coffee! :D

Chatted for a while in IRC where there was something big and SCARY going on...
Waifu accidentaly ******* something. @_@ Can't reveal it here cuz i'm scared her dad will find out. :X

When it's near 7:30 pm... we quickly finished our drinks. Couldn't say much in IRC
cuz rushing to send Yabuki that time. Gomen. :P

My watch which is 15 minutes fast. :P And excuse my hairy arm.

Gosh...it was kinda jammed in Boulevard since they were having Big Sale. We were
late by 30 minutes. Gomen Mr. Boss!!

Yeehaaa!! Finally finished typing! XD
Now i better rush to prepare before going to campus!



April 23 [Thu], 2009, 15:28
Fark yaplog...<.<
All the things i type is gone. i have to retype again, but not as cheerful as the previous one. :/

i am sorry for neglecting the blog. :X
i have become a very very very lazy person. :X

i decided to change the layout for this blog. :D
And i made a new avatar too! The picture was from swing's and my 'Secret School Uniform' photoshoot. LOL.


Anyway, this year is going to be my final year in university. i still have another semester to take though. For this semester, i'm taking Multimedia Project 2, Marketing Planning, Marketing Research, and Services Marketing. i still have lots of marketing subjects that i need to take before completing my Degree. x__x

Next week, i'm going to sit on a mid term test. SPSS stuff... x_x
Curse me luck!

Oh...i'm getting engaged soon! A happy news? And kind of depressing too. ^^;;
i created a blog dedicated to this. But in Bahasa cuz i feel like blogging in my own second language. :P Should be fun cuz it surely sound funny cuz it's not my own mother tongue. XD

MISSION 101010

It's kinda empty though, cuz i dunno what to write in. :X

Ah, i think that my laptop is getting older. Too many problems occured.
Please be strong my lappie~! !

The weather has become very hot lately.
i always feel very sick. This is not good, ne?


November 15 [Sat], 2008, 0:56
Happy Birthday to me~!
i'm officially 24 now. LoL.

Some astrology stuff 

November 12 [Wed], 2008, 11:56
From Yahoo!

Chinese Astrology 2008: Year of the Rat

Certain projects at work need your attention. You may want to set a target date so they don't fall by the wayside. Once you start on them everything will fall into place. You may want to eat healthier, as this simple step could give you a fresh outlook and allow you to feel better about yourself.



Daily Overview:
You will encounter someone today who seems like a text book example of a jerk -- but you have got to try to be open-minded about them! Judging a book by its cover has never been your style, so what start now? There are extenuating circumstances at work here. Maybe they're intimidated by you. Maybe they're acting out because they are nervous or just have a headache! You just don't know enough to know who they are. Give them a chance and give them time.

Weekly Overview:
You can be blind to your own best qualities, especially on the first two days of the week. That's true of anyone you know, actually -- it's hard to see the best in yourself. View your personality as if you were your dearest friend. Surprised at how much there is to like? You shouldn't be. Thursday and Friday, speak your mind, but add a little extra helping of charm. Your audience will get the message, and they'll appreciate that special way you have of putting things, too. The weekend is relaxed, mellow and loving -- a great time for family.

From Friendster


You are a brave person -- you have the strength to take on a tough challenge today.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is by definition uncomfortable. But isn't it usually incredibly rewarding, too? You're in a strong phase of risk-taking and you are a brave person, so this combination means that right now you are in a prime position to make a huge leap in your life. Whether it's changing your job, moving to a new city, or starting a new relationship, you are ready to explore living your life in a new way. Talk to those who have done it before and get some tips.

In bahasa 

November 04 [Tue], 2008, 13:32
Aku rasa aku kena mandi bunga...lol...
solat hajat byk2...tp...period pulak <.<.
Sesungguhnya aku bernasib malang sejak kebelakangan ini...huhu...

p/s: mea! card mea dah sampai! XD
anna~ later i'll do the tag k?

Happy Birthday Shironu 

September 10 [Wed], 2008, 23:18
Happy Birthday my dear Shironu.
Hope that you'll be happy always in heaven above.
I miss you and yes, I still do,
the memories of you will never fade, my love.

Rest In Peace.

Uuuu...my short poem sucks. T_T
But i'm being honest with my feelings. :)
- M O I -
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