2006年03月13日(月) 23時23分
White Day is one of unique
Japanese events.
the men who got presents
by women
on the Valentine Day
give them presents
i got a box of candy
by my friend
thank you


2006年03月12日(日) 1時03分
today i had a drinking party
with my friends.
as we walked around Shinjuku
station, we found something
Her or his name is MOMO.
so cute

valentine's day 

2006年02月14日(火) 23時02分
these sweets were given me
by my sweet friends
even though i don't have a
i enjoyed Valentine's day

how expensive! 

2006年02月05日(日) 21時58分
i bought a box of chocolate.
it costs 200 yen each.
i payed 2100 yen
soooooo expensive
actually tasty though


2006年02月05日(日) 0時09分
this is the autograph of
Eri Fukatsu

cafe from Canada 

2006年02月03日(金) 21時50分
i found BLENZ coffee
near to Omotesando station
it's a Canadian cafe!
i can see it anywhere in Canada
actually i never been there
when i was in Victoria
because i love Starbucks
BLENZ coffee was also good though

proof of my life 

2006年01月30日(月) 19時06分
i went to see a movie
with my friends.
it was tottaly sweet and cute.
although the story wasn't so sophisticated,
i enjoyed it.


2006年01月25日(水) 23時08分
i bought a new shoes
it's a kind of treat.
i wanted to cheer me up
by myself
because i'm tired of
visiting so many companies


2006年01月24日(火) 23時22分
i went to "GOEMON"
which is famous as a
spaghetti restaurant
with my friend.
i love this restaurant
so much


2006年01月21日(土) 16時06分
it's snowing in Tokyo
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