morning beach walk 

March 09 [Wed], 2005, 9:30
I woke up earlier than usual, having a big desire of getting out of the house. I haven't felt like this in a long time. Got out of bed, changed, left the house and out to the beach. It's been ages since I've been to the beach in the morning. Walked through the sand, took my shoes off and walked towards the water. The music streaming through my earphones and the gentle but loud waves in the background helped my mind go into relax mode. I kept on walking down the beach, having no plan in my head. My feet touched the cool water when the waves brushed against my leg. Big waves, small waves. I didn't know what I was feeling. Just a big blank space in my chest. Something I haven't felt in ages. Suddenly, my body felt light. It was as if the waves swept away all the dark and negative substances in me. I saw people around me but I felt like I was the only one there. So relaxing, so different, something I've been wanting a long time. Just as the biggest wave hit me, I stopped, turned around, started walking back the way I came from. My foot steps were slowly washed away to sea. I felt like running into the big ocean. Of course I couldn't as I don't know how to swim. Slowely back the steps I came from, back to the car, back home. The empty feeling inside, gradually filling up with emotions, which I can't explain.


March 06 [Sun], 2005, 12:15
wow sorry, it's been ages since I've written in here. Life has changed quite a lot since the last time I've logged in here. Bond is awesome. I'm having a wonderful time here. I've already encountered some traumas and other things, but in general it's all good. I love living in the house by myself. Just a little lonely at night. What I love the most is that I can go anywhere anytime! Mwahahaha!! Damn, I don't know what to write... Must get back to work!!


January 07 [Fri], 2005, 12:12
わぁ〜〜もう日本に来て1ヶ月以上経ってるのにここになんも書いてないわ〜ごめんな。。。やっぱ家のdial-upがちょっときついよ。。。とにかく明後日またオーストラリアに帰るよ〜短すぎ。。。もっと日本にいたいよ〜てか温泉にも行ってないし。雪は2回くらい見れたからいいけどね!!でもこの休みは本当に早く過ぎた!早すぎだって〜〜ついこの間samurai riverのライブに行って来た感触がまだ残ってるもん!毎日何してたんだぁ。。。?それよりも、いろいろ良い事も悪い事もあった、充実したお休みでした!!!


so 2 days to go... it's a complete mixed feelings. On the one hand I want to go back to aus to start my new Uni life, but on the other hand I don't feel like I had enough of Tokyo and my current life here. Anyhow, I can't stop time or the fact that I'm going back so soon, so I will stop complaning and live with it.

Both good and back news hit me this time! OP, friendship, weight, life, love, school, scholarship, etc, etc. I guess thats what made time fly by so quickly. DAMN IT!!! Well I will be back in the end of April for a short SHORT holiday. Til then must work hard and make time fly by quickly too!!!!


November 30 [Tue], 2004, 16:43
WOW~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've graduated school and I'm back from my instead-of-schoolies Singapore trip!! I'm at work trying to write the "European Sports Equipment Market Report" but I think you can tell that it’s not working too well...

Anyhow, over the past week, so much has happened and I can't even remember when the time past... Scary.... てかいまだに卒業した実感が無い。。。本当にあっと言う間に時間が過ぎたからね〜〜先週の土曜日が昨日のように感じるよぉ〜〜!とにかくいい感じに卒業しました!

Well before I start on my graduation trip I'll give a summary of what actually happened during the past week!!

残りは続きを読んでくれ〜・It's continued... So please read!!!

卒業からSingapore〜〜♪ ・続きの続き 

November 30 [Tue], 2004, 16:40
11月20日(土・SAT): RECOVERING & TSS FORMAL!!! After recovering from the big night out, I got ready for the TSS formal. The same whole procedure again... We went to the ANA to meet up with Cameron and from there we went to the TSS pre. I saw a few ppl I knew and a few I didn’t want to see. でも嬉しい事に久しぶりにユカとコウノスケに会えたの!The evening was nice and I had a great time!!

11月21日(日・SUN): PACKING & LEAVING FOR SINGAPORE!!! It was a complete rush trying to pack up and recover from the previous night. We finally made it to the bus station in Surfers, checked-in at the airport and made our way to Singapore. 着いた瞬間・・・暑いじゃん〜( ;´Д`)いやぁぁぁぁぁー!でも楽しいと思うから気にしない!!

てな感じでした〜〜I was completely exhausted by the time I got on the plane, I didn't know what actually happened!!!

Singapore was awesome!! Shopping, eating and SHOPPING!!! I wish we stayed there a little longer because we were dead each day as we walked 30000 steps a day... Absolute suicide!!! I uploaded the photos from that trip onto my Zorpia site so please have a look when you have time!!


Dead Computer... 

November 16 [Tue], 2004, 7:58
Over the weekend, for some reason only my network in the boarding house would not work!!! Everyone else's were working but not mine!! I was planning to reply all the e-mails I had piled up in my mailbox and to update this site!! AGH!! Technology can be soooooo annoying!!!

Anyhow.... I'm moving out of the boarding house tonight so I'll have to start using the dial up system again... JOY!!!

By the way, I graduate tomorrow!!! Although, I'm the second last person to graduate... FUN!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait to leave school!! I also can't wait to go to Singapore!! So much shopping, sight seeing, eating, and photo taking!!! Yay!!!!!

Well I need to find some teachers and get ready for class....

Day Off!! 

November 11 [Thu], 2004, 21:56
Today was another dull and relaxing day... I didn't have any tests on so I just mucked around in my room, watching DVDs, reading, napping, eating and I went to my dress fitting! It's nice!! I thought it was going to be black and a red tail but it's vice-versa! Anyhow, it's damn beautiful to I don't care!! I love it...

Recently my life has been pretty boring so I don't have much to write... Oh!! When I'm in Singapore I won't be able to write for a while but when I get back to Tokyo, I'll write up like madness!! Knowing me and the others, I'll have heaps to write about!!

。。。もっとあるけど書くのがめんどいよぉ〜( ;´Д`)いやぁぁぁぁぁー!




November 09 [Tue], 2004, 21:08
ほんと、昨日からマジクサイんだけど。。。何が臭いのがわからないけどね。。えっ?私が臭いって??違うでしょ!?雨と下水と茹でブロッコリーニーが混ざった匂い (;´Д`)ゲロゲロ


So today I had my last Chinese exam!! IT FEELS SO GOOD HAVING NO MORE CHINESE EXAMS!! Oh wait, I'll be doing Chinese at Uni next year... I thought it was too good to be true... Anyhow, after my English oral tomorrow, I am officialy out of assesments for St. H!! I'M SO GLAD TO BE FINISHING UP!!! It's sad but I know it's time to go... By the way, I finished TAFE today! Now, that is one thing I can truly say that I'm glad to have finished!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I was bored for a while and I took some self portraits and edited them... My fav is this one

I don't know how I did it but I like it!! Adobe is fun!!!

Well I should practice enlish a few more times then hop into bed!!! WISH ME LUCK!!

Back and Alive! 

November 08 [Mon], 2004, 21:23
Sorry about the past few days!! I've been through a complete Resident Evil stage... One second I'm alive and feel great then the next I'm in bed taking a nap!! This test-block-up-in-the-room-"studying"- environment is not good for me!! I get hungry, bored and sleepy so quickly!! You know me, I never take naps!!! Agh!! Anyhow, I've been a zombie the past few days...

Hot pot night was fun!! Again, I stuffed my face with food but it's okay because it's our last hot pot night togetherつД`)・゚・。・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚ I didn't take any photos but I'm trying to get the others to send theirs to me... Winnie sent me one from her mobile camera... it's a little blurred as you can see but it's good enough!

そういえば、日曜日のお電話で出た話題なんだけど、今度の髪型はどんな感じで行こうかなって考え中です┐(゚〜゚)┌いつもみたいにパーマをかけるかSex and The City Season 5のキャリー系で行こうかな?って悩んでます。ちょっとイメチェンでキャリー系で行きたいけど似合うかな??ちょっと、みんなの意見が聞きたいわぁ〜〜

そんな感じで明日は中国語の試験があるのに今からLost In Translationを見る予定だぁ〜〜!勉強なんて嫌だぁ〜( ゚Д゚)(゚Д゚ )アラヤダ!!明日は寝坊するぞぉ〜〜〜!!

(;゚д゚)ァ…. 。。。 

November 07 [Sun], 2004, 20:44
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