Turn off the jaw crusher regularly, examine the machine

August 24 [Thu], 2017, 9:31
How to maintain jaw crusher? Here are some tips you can take.1. Turn off the jaw crusher regularly, examine the machine carefully. Check the inner abrasion condition of the much ion, such as central feed tube, conical cap, lining board on the upper or lower flow channel of the impeller, circular plate, and abrasion degree of the abrasive brick, change the serious abrasion assembly units in time, and repair these units.
At the same time, pay attention to its weight, type, size, you must change them according to its usual parameter.2. Examine the driving belt of the jaw crusher regularly. Driving belts are essential part in stone production line; it is all its contribution to drive the machine. Change the degree of its tightness regularly, and ensure the driving belt get uniform stress. When dual-motor driving, bead apex on the two sides should get group selection, and make the length of each group is equal as possible as you can. If you find that the abrasion condition of driving belt is serious, please change it as soon as possible.
Lubrication of the mechanical parts. Jaw crusher use Mobil automotive grease or three lithium base grease, add enough lubricating grease each 400 hours.; if works 2000 hours, open the principal axis matched bearings and get it washed; generally change a new bearing when it works 7200 hours.
Besides, in order to ensure jaw crusher work normally, except for right operation, you must also take planning maintenance, including daily minor repair, medium repair, and heavy repair.Then Tilting pad journal bearing what is minor repair? Minor repair includes examining and repairing the adjustment device of the jaw crusher, gap of the high speed layout, adjust and change the abrasive linear plate. The cycle of minor repair is 1~3 months or so.Besides all the job of minor repair, medium repair also includes changing thrust plate, scale board, examining and repairing bearing bush and so on.
The cycle of the medium repair is 1-2 years or so.Then what is heavy repair ?Besides all the job of medium repair, heavy repair also includes changing or turning eccentric shaft and moving jaw mandrel, casting Babbitt metal on the top of pitman stub, changing or repairing abrasive assembly units. And the cycle of heavy repair is generally about 5 years.