Pierce my ear T^T 

2005年03月18日(金) 0時55分
I woke up at 14.15,today.
****That's too late I ever!

I went to the conversation class.
And I wanted to dress up ass little punk,
so I tried to put my ear-rings into my 6holes on my ear!
((4 on the left, 2 on the right))
I didn't try my ear-ring long time ago,
it's really hard to try again -"=........
The 3rd was bleed too!
**** ohhhhhhhhhh =0= ****
Felt like the first pierce!

The Ring 2 

2005年03月17日(木) 23時50分
Today, Tem woke me up at 11.45,
Thanks guy! If you didn't woke me.
We'd miss the movie!

We went 2 majorcineplx 2 C the movie
with Tem and Yaaii((In thai means grandma, she looks too old haha)).
At first, I thought we were go'in 2 C....
err... what its name,
aa! I get it, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.
But we saw the ring2,at last!
What fuck were you thinking?!
It's not really scared.
You know,I quite don't like the thriller movie
((Just made by Hollywood))

The Film wasn't so scared like I thought.
It really funny instade!
'Coz Tem and Yaaii closed thier eyes, //ㅅ//
and scream too loud hahaha,
so why you guys wanted 2C it???
The Samara was very strong! -"-.....
She looked like Gollum in LOTR!
She's good 2 climb out from the well!
I think she should hike on the Everest
instade of climb from the well as well!

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