How are you feeling today_20161107

November 07 [Mon], 2016, 21:52
Almost drowned in the sense of inferiority.

I understand that there are always people who do things better than you.

But just can't get rid of the feeling of self doubtful and powerless.

Like when I sent message that may contain virus/spam to my families and friends, especially my supervisor at work. I blamed myself for being too mindless, for having made premature judgement on the validity of the website. I thought that is a real promotion from Starbucks, and thus shared the message to friends. Having realized that the promotion was fake, I felt angry and ashamed because I have exposed myself and my friends to the risk of attacked by computer viruses.

Could do better next time by:
1. Think before act, always think critically about the source of information and trustworthiness of the website

2. Sharpen my common sense by reading daily news

Like when I find a stamp for my supervisor, I spent more time than expected. Firstly, when she asked me whether we have the stamp or not, I answered "Yes" without checking the stock. Second, I did not ask for what documents will the stamp be used, so I took the wrong stamp to her the first time.

Could do better next time by:
1. Ask for what purpose that the object/document would be used

2. Check before reverting to supervisor

I have to learn that no one is perfect and success would not be achieved without failure.

All that matters are how I see mistakes and how I cope with stress.

I see each mistake as a chance to learn. I let the stress come and see it as a challenge.

I embrace all the feeling I have and I totally accept, that this is who I am.