talian media exposure crazy Guangzhou new target of 38 million euro annual salary lure Rooney Kaka

June 29 [Fri], 2012, 16:26

The Hengda Sohu Sports News for India to build warships, will face upgrading again! Reports from the Italian "slow motion", Guangzhou Hengda's new goal is Wayne Rooney,air jordan v 5 retro
Kaka, and the two superstars were out of the annual salary of € 20 million and 18 million euros.

Prior to that, "the Daily Express reported that the British media, has been China Club eyeing Manchester United star Wayne Rooney and other Premiership Star of Hope. Eyeing Rooney "the theme of" Chinese people under the big deal, the report author, the article describes the former Chelsea star Drogba has landed Super Blackburn Rovers striker Yakubu is also very likely to go to China, coupled with on the rich kept inject liquidity into the Super team can not be satisfied to buy some breathing of the players, air jordan v 5 retro cheap
their sights on the Premier League Star of Hope who have a certain potential.

If more than just a message, perhaps the Chinese fans only as a joke to see. Xu India Today "slow motion" clearly in the article, titled "Crazy: Kaka and Rooney article he went to, with $ 5.8 billion of assets will be upgraded to their team. Italian Lippi coached only the first step, they are now ready to spend more money to the introduction of the more famous football biggest names, and eye on Wayne Rooney and Kaka. According to reports, Hengda through an intermediary to Kaka out for a period of three years, the annual salary of € 18 million contract, and also punched the first annual salary of € 20 million of the world invited to Rooney.

Coincidentally, air jordan v for sale
almost at the same time, the Italian media also mentioned that Real Madrid Kaka price is € 25 million, the Hengda first out this astronomical transfer fee in order to win the card. In fact, the ability to sign Wal gone "Warcraft", are very excited for the Chinese football and Shenhua club. Ambitious club in the baptism of the anti-gambling fight against corruption has been completed a face-lift, to introduce world-class players coach to revive the team morale. Shanghai Shenhua not only in the secondary transfer Drogba incurred under the command also invited to the signing of the Argentine league Moreno for Drogba, Anelka pass. Guangzhou Hengda, their opponents, invited to the World Cup winning coach Marcello Lippi, to help Hengda rapid success in a short period.