February 20 [Fri], 2015, 12:45
It describes a pattern of increasing body size that cannot be explained by random "drift", but suggests bigger animals generally fare better at sea.

What does fare meaning in this sentence...


the bigger animals are feeling comfortable at sea?

Started to learn English again. 

January 20 [Tue], 2015, 12:28
I had decide to learn English again.
For the 1st step, I'll read the book "My Father's Dragon".


July 25 [Fri], 2014, 12:07
It has been long time from last posting.
And my English is getting worth and worth....

I have to do something that prevent my English from getting rusty....

Maybe I should decide the ends(goal).
Now I don't have opportunity to use English, so I should decide what I want to talk about, and what kind of Englsh I want to use...

So I think about opportunity and chance to use English.

One; Once in a year I have a chance to use English, there are an exhibition for semiconductor and new technology in Tokyo.
So may be I should learn how to explain to foreigner about my company product.

Two; I have this blog so I often drop posting, and talk to my friend about this page,
and receive thir advice..

I want to make my sales point...
And hope English be one of them..

How do I say... 

October 09 [Fri], 2009, 8:21
I ate yakiniku last night.

How do I say Yakiniku in English...
Anyway it was delicious.

; )

Long time no writing... 

October 07 [Wed], 2009, 8:29
How long time no writing on here...
I just didn't use this blog.
My English is really awful recently...
My Korean is getting better and better than English...
Anyway, if I had a time I will write something on this blog..

May "13TH FRIDAY"!!! 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 23:23
I went to the university.
Our laboratory have a workshop in every Friday.
We are studying English via a weekly magazine of chemistry.
We are reading aloud one article for each.
We also talking about the matter of the topics.
It is good for learning the reading especially for my juniors.
For me, it is good for rapid reading.
Because we don't use a dictionary.
Well, actually we are using a dictionary but only 10 minutes for prepare for reading.
I always try to understand without dictionary but it's difficult.

May 12th 

May 12 [Thu], 2005, 23:48
I woke up at 7 30 today.
I felt I still drunk in this morning...
I ate rice with chinese soup.

I could normal condition on my way university.

Hmmm recently I'm really lazy for writing English...even Japanese diary...

May 11th 

May 12 [Thu], 2005, 23:34
I drunk STRONG alcohol today with my friends of neighbor laboratory!!
That alcohol contained 96% alcohol!!
The name of alcohol is "Spirytus" do you know that??
I searched for the Spirytus with internet and I knew it is quite famous alcohol.
Anyway it was really strong hahaha.

May 10th 

May 12 [Thu], 2005, 23:06
Today I did experiment.
I synthesized methanol ammonia. (actually ammonia solution in methanol.)
It use strong base.
So after that experiment I was neutralization the base(sodium hydroxide) with sulfuric acid.

It was quite long time to do experiment so I was careful about my experiment today.

May 9th 

May 10 [Tue], 2005, 11:53
I went to the job interview for a company.
I also took the test I think I was good at Japanese test but at math was difficult!
Anyway, about job interview I didn't feel nervous.
Well actually I was nervous before talking but I could take away the mind of nervous when I was going to talk about myself.
Sometimes the interviewer ask to me difficult question but I could do well.
I have no idea that I can pass or not.
But it was my first time to get job interview so I'm okay the result is bad or good.
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