concentrate on the function of the PTR web wide range web host hosting server

June 18 [Tue], 2013, 17:59

Now, we are still collecting all the views, and concentrate on the function of the PTR web wide range web host hosting server. We are not in evaluation to any changes that benefits the game; point actually, this is the PTR raison d'etre.

We just want to let everyone know that Guild wars 2 Gold the the several should be what before you provided undetermined the several system, or irrational to gain or debuffs specifications, please objective look at it. Discover new make, using different strategies, and then let us know what you think.

If we make changes, we'll tell you, I wish you can provide us views in reliable basis and inform you experience (not only perform a few moments to sketch results.

Like I said, for the changes that we are not in evaluation, even to let everyone in the the PVP place linked with a row of the destruction debuff. The PTR concentrate is to listen to the views from the gamers, so that we can make the necessary

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