watching outside the two rebel retire

October 27 [Sat], 2012, 12:29
Xiao Tianjian is very depressed at the front of the war, his artillery five Franc cannon had just put the two rounds, became the wall Defenders the counterattack ,on the city wall, several forts were also spewing out flames ,jumping up a cloud of smoke ,a solid shot suddenly hit in his door machine gun array around a Furlong ,set off a piece of debris, as rain general falls down .
He actually expected defenders such afraid too weak ,or else yesterday Li Zicheng likely to slip in captured long city ,now the day after the preparation, the defender should have been prepared ,so wait for their never relaxed take long city .
But he had far have also been seen in the wall ,in many places have introduced a black cannon ,dark muzzle pointing to the city ,but he did not think of is the Garrison Artillery actually quite sharp, but will not keep out of the way, even the first wave of strikes back will find his gun array counter .
Watching a waiting in front of the tiger squatting impact cannon to be defenders shell have soared into the sky, watching the door of tiger crouch cannon two gunner be caught off guard ,the spot will be zapped ,and landing is not live ,and two Gunners were crushed injury ,fell to the floor in a loud scream up .
Huang Shengqiang also was frightened jump, he didn the fire is so violent ,that a fire had killed him a tiger crouching gun ,killed and maimed him several gunner ,he hastened to greet men : fast switch muzzle ,give me the gun fired at the city !Pressed them, we was out of luck ! So the operation five Franc cannon Gunners immediately began to adjust the muzzle ,simultaneously with the gun on photo gate and front sight for city gun position ,began a counterattack ,with the carriage fierce beat, a gate fron the machine once again opened fire on the walls ,lifted a piece of brick stone .
Liu Zongmin wore a leather armor ,roared out waving a pair of iron mace ,with vigorous strides punching in the front of the line ,followed by the part of his soldiers ,today Li Zicheng let him go ,he certainly would not in front of my army to Li Zicheng lost face ,so the beginning is made up idea ,want to show on one face ,Li Zicheng command, he will take the lead of the kill .
In the city as it was general boiling up ,war drums ,bugles ,guns ,machine gun fire, acoustic ,and shout to kill their angrychorus .Two trenches car boom over the moat ,and a twisted into the moat ,Liu Zongmin and his men swarmed over the moat ,rushed toward walls ,but the city garrison was at the time already from the initial confusion was shelled recovered in the officers ,roar ,such as Xiang Yong have got the crenel next with various weapons ,towards the city down to .
A variety of weapons like the rainstorm general from the city walls splashed down, three eye blunderbuss ,a fowling piece ,one after another by the defending soldiers and ware rural Yong ringing ,more is from the city of crossbow arrows to shoot ,can be said to be the slings and arrows of as much as ,focused coverage to the Liu Zongmin rate of this group of the head ,many people immediately shot or arrow down from the walls ten feet of sheep horse wall ,Liu Zongmin stormed several times, but was the city defenders to beat back ,a large group of rebel soldiers will penetrate through the moat was suppressed in the sheep horse wall side .
Five Furlong repeated firing ,in the wall above has left a bullet hole ,finally overturned a door towards them firing such home ,but then their side a franc cannon fierce beat up ,is a direct to the shells hit the carriage front, suddenly will the bronze fron the cannons to overturned ,and a gunner was speeding cannonball body waist cut ,torn into pieces ,splash to far away places .
Xiao Tianjian did not expect long city garrison fire was so fierce, he was quite proud of the artillery in their counterattack ,even a failed to suppress them, but has lost two cannons .
Liu Zongmin was pressed in the sheep horse behind the wall ,no outcrop ,gas Liu Zongmin shouted in anger ,he once again turn up urgent under ,big growl : not afraid of death is carried with me on the ladder ! Call it ,Canada Goose Aosta Bomber Outlet,he grabbed a nearby ladder, carry on the shoulder .
Dozens of Liu Zongmin saw Liu Zongmin desperately ,then have to grab up together and he took a long ladder ,someone rushing forward raised shields ,to shelter them from slings and arrows .
A group of people over the sheep horse behind the wall ,the wall ran toward the foot ,but not when they close to the wall ,from the side there was a loud roar ,a frame on the wall of tiger crouch cannon severe beating ,spit out a flame ,one hundred lead bullets and immediately as the same storm general splashed down .
Liu Zongmin a few hands and jumping a blood fog ,have threw myself on the ground ,they carry a long ladder is also transiently was thrown on the ground .A group of rebel archers stand in the trench side wall lift bow toward the arrows ,but their firepower was not the city defenders on fire ,and soon a dozen archers are laid on the ground ,the rest of the archers have to seek shelter from the defenders of a projectile .
Liu Zongmin sees something good ,then roared out a sound ,with the rest of the people back to the sheep horse behind the wall ,the city garrison and release up like a swarm of bees ,hundreds of rockets with a whistle locust general in the city ,blocking the sheep horse the rear wall of the rebel soldiers would like to cut the rice general groves was so ferocious firepower to cut down on the ground ,almost every moment between all the people injured by it ,and soon a hundred people died in the city of Gansu province .
Liu Zongmin, however ,did not give up, once again, his men launched an assault ,but then was the defenders to hit heavily back ,only in the wall of the castle had a pair of long ladder ,but pay some twenty soldiers to life ,and Liu Zongmin also took two arrows ,but luckily he has leather armor protection ,although students of two arrows ,but did not fall .
Watched Xiao Tianjian there is also unable to suppress the city fire of the garrison ,Liu Zongmin turned to have a look around the brothers ,and they all reveal the horror of color ,Liu Zongmin knew this attack is considered to be invalid .
Li Zicheng watched in the blazing fire of Gansu on ,see Liu Zongmin heard in the city suffered heavy casualties ,the heart is then bemoan a cry, cry gold ordered ,will Liu Zongmin line from the front of the recall .
Liu Zongmin with his iron mace ,was withdrawn ,with the spit spit on the ground ,marched in front of Li Zicheng ,kneeling on one knee to Li Zicheng to apologize : under the incompetent ,failed to work !Also please general ! When Li Zicheng asks Liu Zongmin ,Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket Cheap,tapped him on the shoulder and asked him : hurt ? Have a look your shoulder and right chest of Liu Zongmin on the two broken arrow ,and shook his head : !It was just a scratch !The defenders of the police fire was too fierce ,we still rely on ! Li Zicheng nodded: you go wound !Do not blame you !But we did not expect ,in the city garrison has also so tough ! Liu Zongmin hates hate sighed ,turned to look at the city is being hailed by the defenders ,was helped along by the rear guard ,dressing his wounds to .
Punishment was people who are frustrated, but also have some feeling of shock ,like this bloody siege warfare, they can be said to be the first to see ,although only gun team ,they did not visit the city, but also have a vicarious general experience .
Soon another rebel soldiers will fall in the strong fire below, and they rebel counterattack appears so powerless, they dare not imagine if let them up, can do more than Li Zicheng better ,this will help the momentum will be some decline hold one down ,all looks at retired artillery .
Xiao Tianjian has also been concerned about in front of the war ,when Li Zicheng soldiers will be in such a way that when the first siege ,is such a tragic scenes shook ,and then his heart smile shaking his head up .
The end is the peasant army ,Canada Goose Victoria Parka Sale,although Li Zicheng they have rebelled several years ,but so far did not form an effective assault capability, at best, or can only be described as a roving ,today began a siege ,they will all the disadvantages of the peasant army show come out ,in addition to rely on this verges on the tactics of sea of faces by means of a general besides, basically the siege approaches ,it is having some shortness of breath ,if only by this way to score in long words ,let alone there are two thousand or three thousand long in defensive forces and a large number of defenders to fire for crossbow ,even if it is only 1800 people ,Li Zicheng wanted to use this approach taken in a long ,I not thousand and eight hundred ,are difficult to attack on the city .
Gray was back at Huang Shengqiang ,to Huang Shengqiang to apologize ,he immediately said : yellow whistle will be saying ,temporarily retired to rest ,the matter to your will !Speed will be wounded into the camp treatment !Go down !Zhao Erlv.
Huang Shengqiang slightly touched, he is today in the front to show a brush ,but not to not to appear, but was the defenders of such artillery hit a gray ,also lost a Furlong machine copper gun ,though he also achieved some success ,but compared to the expected result ,he achieved this record is really nothing ,that he doesn tell Xiao Tianjian to explain, but back then ,but Xiao Tianjian didn blame him ,this lets Huang Shengqiang heart good ,then quickly arch hand made ,led back to the front .
Under the ! Zhao Erlv heard Xiao Tianjian call his name ,so he came back . You brought to the door broken cannon back ! Xiao Tianjian used to be the whip a fire rush over the door gun on Furlong Zhao Erlv said, at present they are to siege the occasion, a franc cannon for them is very important ,and this is the only door fron the cannon shells ripped off ,may not completely scrapped ,so Xiao Tianjian can not just throw away the gun ,so he sent Zhao Erlv to the door hangs fron the gun back .
Yes ! Zhao Erlv turned to look at before the door hangs fron the cannons ,dare not say ,immediately say ,turning point dozens of elite soldiers under his command ,took the rope he ran out of large array ,rushed to the front ,will the rope tied in a loose frame of the cannons ,and picking up the ground those scattered the blunderbuss ,at their work towards the back dragging back .
The defenders see what they want to grab that the door was broken fron the gun ,it will make them so easily succeed ,Yang Yulin laughed ,immediately order the city that two general cannon firing ,slay this dozens of gun of army .
Two roar ,two shells to move rapidly over, heavy hits the ground outside ,heavy iron bombs fell on the ground ,immediately by ground bounce, continue towards the front of speeding past ,repeated on the ground two times after landing ,a bullet straight into the Zhao Erlv the rate of the crowd ,first through a pawn of the waist ,the waist part of tear ,and then move forward over a part of the thigh ,directly cut off the legs of a pawn ,it fell to the ground ,and rolling a few meters away, just stop it .
Zhao Erlv knocked down ,immediately greet men robbed the two casualties of the brethren ,dragging the door hangs fron the cannon ran back to the array ,and then the leg part is due to excessive blood loss ,coupled with severe pain ,was also gone ,gas force pinch with Xiao Heng the hands of the whip .
Xiao Tianjian asked Huang Shengqiang to check the door fron the machine ,Huang Shengqiang reported: Qibing generals ,the gun can be used ,but the carriage were scattered frame ,reconstruction with a gun is also used ! Xiao Tianjian is uncomfortable for one point ,in order to get the gun ,he gave two men alive, if the cannon and spent it, so this time he will pay big .
The first disadvantage ,so that Li Zicheng and Xiao Tianjian both soldiers were frustrated, Xiao Tianjian ordered the men on the spot from the rest ,men will discuss after first ,then turn over Mount galloped to Li Zicheng battle alone there ,surrendering to Li Zicheng said : Lee ,we did not think that the fire is so fierce ,so play I am afraid it is difficult to into the city ,the brothers are much too large for some casualties !Even if we were also unable to suppress the Garrison Artillery ,there seems to be another way ! Li Zicheng is also discussed how to deal with several generals and his city fire of the garrison ,see Xiao Tianjian up, stopped counsel ,submissively and Xiao Tianjian bowed .
Xiao came just at the right time ,I also am and brothers deliberating how to change way ,we might as well go and talk it over ! Li Zicheng nodded his gloomy look to Xiao Tianjian .Xiao Tianjian dismounted ,and Li Zicheng get together ,I sentence you phrase it up ,Xiao Tianjian said to them that such a pass after Li Zicheng and his men ,several generals are nodded ,respective and gives some idea ,we face the relaxed down .
Along with Li Zicheng and Xiao Tianjian after the order ,then the respective retreat back to camp ,evacuation of the battlefield .Yang Yulin walking crenel ,watching outside the two rebel retire ,sneered one track: Lee thief and the punishment was also merely mediocre !If they dare to say ,then according to this for I beat them back again ,have a look what they have the ability to attack the city of gansu ! City and township are such brave hear ,have shouted up ,many people familiar with a laughing sound ,even some people simply stand in the forts ,unlock trousers ,towards the city took the crotch where guys urine up .
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