BALL Fireman Skylab account stop-watch

July 18 [Thu], 2013, 4:00
stainless steel material/automatically chain machine Xin/, cent, small second, date and week show/account the stop-watch function/noodles dish up inset 18 give out light the miniature spirit light/form path 43 mms/quakeproof from the body the function bump a shot test through a 5,000 Gses/blue precious stone crystal mirror noodles/waterproof 100 meters/world the capacity is 1600

Be in remembrance of major contribution and achievement of the II task of Skylab BALL with the production railroad chronometer house WATCH, specially combine aerospace astronomy topic this year, while releasing capacity 1,600 Fireman Skylabs in world to account stop-watch with give public recognition Owen Garriott Doctor and Skylab II engineering member of team to aerospace astronomy science and technology research up of contribution.Owen Garriott Doctor and the Skylab II engineering of research that its member concentrates on contain three main targets, respectively is the sun, the Earth and medical science, let people of this world first time the surface of one 暼 the sun, understand solar energy emanation thing explosion of situation, bring for the future generations many relevant show off spot and sunspot of first-hand data.However, the research target like this is revealed to it Skylab II task armband up, combine and reach the famous painting 《Vitruvian Man Wei especially the person of Lu Wei 》 and the Earth drawing of the west of text with Be in remembrance of Skylab, II task bring of important detection with outstanding achievement, and equally occur this Fireman Skylab and account the form of stop-watch carry on the back up.

the wrist form of the display toughness style
BALL Fireman Skylab account the stop-watch carry ETA 7750 autos chain machine Xin and have stable and easily add the characteristic of function mold piece, while being numerous well-known brands to account currently the essential machine Xin of function form style.When BALL FiremanSkylab accounted stop-watch in addition to have to precisely account function, the quakeproof function still passes the bumping of 5,000 Gses shot test and combine to inset 18 to make BALL on the noodles dish WATCH take it as an honour of give out light the miniature spirit light device from the body, again match a 43 mms of XXL-sized, the whole features is violent with its practical function sort, make a show of resolute and firm wrist form style.Moreover in designing noodles dish, small second dish of position is still special to take the shape of Skylab cosmos airship as a design, but changes into the small second hand top of space craft plane wing to still embellish it by red at 9:00 up, while acting in cooperation to aside account little finger needle design, pretty much point.

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