Order of the wood Order

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 11:45
Order of the wood Order of the Order of the Wazi, like Luanxiang the he did not dare to gamble."How do you come "Wood Order of the Order of the sitting in the chair of his boss, the black leather chair really is more comfortable than the Ins

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titute of. The photos on the table replaced with one of their wedding photos, wooden Order of the bearings and the tip of the nose to touch the tip of the nose, as if the very love."I can not how you Jinwucangjiao is how Guilty "Leung Ping-side to her deep massage shoulders side smile apologetically: "dare, if I dare Jinwucangjiao you must not let me sleep on the floor Not, it is estimated that you would make me thin sleeping cat litter."The wooden Order of the Order of the cat's eye blinking, hand twitched his good dough: "well-behaved."Leung Ping-deep to pick up the jacket on the hanger: "Wife, we where to eat You want to eat Cantonese or Sichuan.Wooden Order of the Order of the countenance of a landlord po: eat greasy, go grocery shopping, I want to eat you do the meal at noon. "Two people go to the supermarket, The Wood Order of the Order of the line for grocery shopping is not one, Leung Ping-deep to pick vegetables and doing business vision precise selection of dishes of meat and eggs are very fresh. He squinted at the side completely not helpful wooden Order of the Order of the: wood, you can also learn to cook it. "Wood Cheng Chengjian never learn: "do not learn, I learn every day, so I do how to do.""You really are smart.""Thank you for the compliment.""You're welcome."A girl ran in front of them, obviously very excited: "the total beam you to buy something."Leung Ping-deep mounted askew placid adults the sedate look like: "to accompany his wife shopping.T

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he Lost That girl was gone, the wooden Order of the Order of the Lengheng soon: "evildoer."Two people home, in full swing to do two dishes, pot a cup of chicken soup. Farmhouse stews, ribs, pumpkin, corn and beans, soup depth, a delicious wooden Order of the Order of the fast biting his tongue. There is also a tempeh dace Indian lettuce with sauce stir-fried, really delicious. Wooden Order of the Order of the side of chicken soup the side praise Leung Ping-deep: Leung Ping-deep, I found that you not only suitable for the profiteers, potential house husband. "Leung Ping-deep, elegant style looks like: "Thank you for the compliment, although I do family husband no interest, I felt deeply is a moral blood flow five good businessman."She cut the cry: "Funny, no business is not evil truth I know."He too lazy to bicker, and her self-serving, taste the cuisine do.After dinner, a rare Leung Ping-deep good-tempered wash bowl. He asked to go for a walk, she was too lazy to move, but why the TV inside the program are very tasteless. Drama play not let commercials, 20 minutes of advertising spots between the two concentrated on this wooden Order of the Order of the annoyed."Let's go, we go for a walk, I think you some fat."

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"Do not, I do not want to move.""Then you are not bored Ms. Liang "Wooden Order of the Order of the side of the bananas side reply: "boring chat chanting."Her while playing the game, while bananas, which like to chat with

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