2005年08月20日(土) 13時19分


2005年07月29日(金) 13時41分


2005年07月22日(金) 19時11分
Poor Princess was smacked hard yesterday evening by mom. Both were in a bad mood and so size did matter.

Of course after that, mom began to feel guilty and Princess is feeling pissed.
No amount of persuasion will make her happy.

Today I got them a new batch of bunny cookies. I hope that will cheer the
greedy girl up, or maybe mom has finally got her forgiveness somehow?

New Leashes 

2005年07月20日(水) 12時39分
I bought these 2 rascals a new leash each Had been looking for the right
kind for a while now, dun wanna bruise their little cherubic bodies

Anyway, I figured that they need the exercise, do I

But like I predicted, these 2 spoiltbrats do not like having things tied to them
nor do they like being pulled around. Princess squirmed her way out of it but
Prince is less agile so the leash stayed put but he refuses to let me lead him. He rather roll about on his little rump then move.

I was having a whale of a time looking at him topple. But I don't think the
feeling is mutual

Prince learns a new trick! 

2005年06月28日(火) 18時55分
That's what I said! Prince learnt to bite the glasses off our noses It started with him learning how to smooch us on the cheek but the little fella decided to work harder for his carrots

And well, Princess? She's still her cute royal self I am not expecting her to get off her royal rump and start wowing us. She's a-ok just being her spoilt self

Princess is angry! 

2005年04月28日(木) 13時22分
Princess has become a talkative and grumpy old fussball recently!

Not only does she talk way too much these days, this morning when my mom
walked into the kitchen, Princess pounced on her and yakked away. When
Princess found that she was ignored, she bit my mom's hand and run off to find Prince and gave him a earful too!

And all because my mom forgotten to fill up the feedbox last night before going to bed.

So after eating her breakfast, Princess hopped off without anymore grumbling.

Need I say more? 

2005年04月23日(土) 1時16分

I am worried sick! 

2005年04月17日(日) 17時30分
Princess is making alot of blurping sounds these days. Sounds like a lot of flam in her lungs. I am so worried for her, looks like another trip to the vet in
the making *sigh*

My two babies are so out of sorts these days. Won't even come out of the
kitchen anymore

Naughty! Naughty! 

2005年04月12日(火) 19時37分
This morning Princess obviously feel that she has been ill-treated. That, by the way, was entirely her own fault. She was chewing at the plastic wrapper
sticking out of the trashbin! So I told her if she continues to chew at it, I'll
chew at her big plump hinny.

Immediately she abandons the mission and rushed to Prince's side to have him comfort her by licking her behind the ears.

Some comfort. I teased her by asking Prince to lick my fingers instead. Of
course, the only reason that boy's gonna lick my fingers is if they are covered with his favorite biscuit crumbs.

I rest my case.


2005年04月11日(月) 23時25分
Was eating some grapes when it dawned on me to give some to the babies.

Prince liked it. He ate one and a half enthusiatically.

Princess is Ms Picky Eater. She won't have it. Actually, I don't think she's such an adventurous eater at all. She sniffs at it and nudged it away with her nose.

So I warned her not to get jealous since I will be feeding it all to Prince. Of
course she gets jealous. She hopped up to me and nudged furiously at my hand holding the grape for Prince.

Feisty. She ain't gonna let anyone else have what she can't have.
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