Barrier of Language 

March 29 [Wed], 2006, 18:36
A chinese mother killed two Japanese children who were going to the same preschool as her child. It was horrible. If I had a kid and lost him/her in that way, I would have never forgive the criminal. However, there was a reason that the mother had done that.

Feeling loneliness in foreign coungry is very serious problem. It might sound not big deal, but it is. I can imagine that..I think I can understand it.

I have an experience to live in America for one year. It was so hard to communicate in English, which is second language for me. Just daily conversation is hard to understand. I feel loneliness when I cant join jokes. I feel miserable when I was said "Never mind" after asking to repeat it again and again.

I went there to study English, so I was interested in the language and culture, but it wasnt easy.

There was a graffiti on a wall at university in Australia like "No more overseas students" and after that "I know what u mean". I know some people think like this, and some dont. So I dont care about this graffiti, but it could happen everwhere.

I like English and traveling overseas, but now I know the difficuties to live as a minority, ,,even though I still dont like some part of Japanese or Japan.

I am not gonna protect the status of the mother, but we should think about the signal. I dont know wheter Japan accepts Immigration, but everybody should think about a little bit with some kindness. Small things for individual help the situation


March 03 [Fri], 2006, 23:54
There was a first meeting with friends sinve I came back to my hometonw , Tokyo. It was in Akihabara. It is one of the famouse cities for tourists. It is a very big electric city, I mean it is famous for shopping area of electric stuff.

It is also the city for compueter nurd people,, basically, it is not for having dinner, but isnt it fun if sometimes!?

I bought a odenkan. Oden is a traditional japanese food, and it is being sold at the vending machine!! It is so new idea! we can find this food in only Akiba!

I wanted to go to a bar(izakaya) where maid serve their food..Maid are wearing like..western style of maid..(I dont know how to expalin this though,,) It is kind of social phenonmenon in Japan.

Anyway we didnt go to this kind of izakaya though,,we did have a very good time. The friends are college friedns. I am sooo happy that I can hang out with them as before.

My life in Tokyo has just started. I have to do job hunting so hard though..I will!

I,I,I will quit my job! 

February 07 [Tue], 2006, 21:42
Finally I told my boss that I will quit this company. I like this job, but I cant put up with my company, boss nor pay.

I like my job, and it was my dream for long time. so I didnt want to give up. I am so sad, but the job itself cant cover other things anymore.

I could change a company in the same field, but unfortunately, the market is not big and supply is very competitive. so it is not good idea to transfer(can I use this word in this situation?) to another company.

Next company will be third place. I have to be careful..Second one was better than first.. so hopefully next will be better than second..otherwise changing career would be meaningless..but we cant know until getting into the scared!!

Political Correctness 

January 14 [Sat], 2006, 0:08
I am writing about Political Correctness that I studied at English lesson today.

I didnt understand the meaning at first. It was difficult to get it from just the word's meaning itself. This is like to change the word becuase the word is discriminating a kind of people or a gender.

For example in Japanse,看護婦(kongofu) is being changed to 看護士(kangoshi) because 婦 is female, and 痴呆症(chihosho) was changed to 認知症(ninchisho)、精神分裂病(seishin-bunretsu-byo) became 統合失調症(togo-shiccho-sho) because those are discriminating the people.

In English, policeman became police officer, and fireman is fire fighter,, those are basic and typical ones. Are those changing from feminists suggestion??

Handicapped, disabled became phisically impaired people. blind→visually challenged, deaf→hearing-impaired person, retarded→mentally challenged..and so on.

BUT, my teacher said "ugly" is "phisically challenged"!! Is it sure?? It is still not polite I think!! and fat people is plus sized people..I think people say "large" in daily conversation..

and I like this. Old people, elderly people is being changed to senior citizen. Sounds polite and respectful. In japanese, I guess お年寄り(otoshiyori)or高齢者(koreisha)in stead of 老人(rojin), but those are still like 'elderly people'.

As an aside,登校拒否(tokokyohi) was changed to不登校(futoko). Did it come from their parents?? maybe..I am not sure..They say"the kids dont resist to go to school. They just dont go school. That's it"..not to hurt sensitive kids,,,

In my case, if I dont come to work, would people understand that I just dont come to work.That's it!..?

no..I prefer people think I resist to come to work! well I am working everyday as far..


January 04 [Wed], 2006, 23:35
Happy New Year! How was your New Year's holidays? Mine is like as below. I had a very good time!

I had a lunch with university's teammates of lacross. was not a typical lunch!

It was also for Shoko and Yuko because they worked hard. The restaurant is at the house of Earl of Ogasawara and Yukichi also came here,,I mean it is a very nice and expensive restaurant. I had to pick my words with care because the atmosphere was..kind of..formal. But we couldnt pick up the topic which suits this atmosphere even though we tried to put on an act. I would like to go to Thailand again with them! Of course, other places are fine, but our traveling in Thailand was sooo excited.

I was with college friends at New Year in an Izakaya.We counted the New Year with crackers. 2006 started! We celebrated our friend, YUKA, who just danced at KOHAKU(very big event, like concert) for the first time. We are proud of her!!

I was almost asleep when we got to Karaoke, but I recoverd because I love singing! Somebody in next room sang a song, and we did back chorus, i mean we almost shouted with the song. It was soo funny. It is silly,,yes,,but I love them!! because I always enjoy a lot ! I appreciate them.

well..I did more things in this holidays, and enjoyed a lot. I could refresh very much.

I am Younger!! 

December 23 [Fri], 2005, 0:04
This is elder people's talking.

My grandma will be 80 next month. She goes to Daycare service, which is kind of club for elder people. She didnt't want to attend this kind of meeting because she used to think it was stupid.(They sing songs like kindergaden, something like that) However, she decided to attend new club because she could play the piano for their singing.

Her story in the club is so interesting.

95% of the member is old ladies, and the rest are old men. That causes problems. If the lady sat next to a man, that means problems! The reason is that she attends with her husband... something like that..

Oh, well,,they are enjoying saying rumors. That is interesting, but it is also miserable..because the reason is so stupid. like " You know what? Ms.XX said blah blah- when we talked about the seat of bus and the Drama.." My grandma talked with her friend on the phone.. You know,, they have tons of free time,,it cant be helped..but ,,

They often talk about their AGE. "I was born in SHOWA ." "Her age is same as me, but I am one grade younger than her" ... one grade younger..about when are they talking about!! but looks still important..maybe we will see someday..
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