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September 28 [Fri], 2012, 16:58
And think of each other to follow their own ,it is contented county is in charge of the deputy director ,Liu Gang mood ,become a lot of heavy ,if Zhou Mingbo just because they fall Tao County public security system ,especially the police team ,then obviously far-fetched, a man of the public security bureau deputy director ,for a little face ,while tracking a to the case of Interpol captain ,I who cannot believe, Liu Gang not to believe ,he has almost no hesitation ,come up with a mobile phone ,send a paging to Zhou Xiaowei :be careful thought and feeling ,some not dependable ,then applied the same message to Li Jun .
Along with the trace identity is disclosed ,the car of the atmosphere was very dignified again ,a good public security bureau deputy director was following them, even if it is Zhai Ling the Chinese newspaper reporter ,also is the first encounter ,do not say to their two reporter ,is Ling and this can be said to be audacious in the extreme .
Special forces ,was also seriously up ,though she doesn the public security system ,can be competent the deputy director identity ,she was able to understand one or two .Of course ,just let Ling and serious but also ,a county bureau deputy director ,also will not let her too much, therefore ,her voice ,is still young and ignorant , Gang brother ,is it right? This Zhou Mingbo will find you the trouble ?Let me and little to fix him up .
A flea and also not to dirty hands , Liu Gang ,a great disdain Michael Kors iPhone Cases,although he is only a small police captain ,but his heart ,it really did not care about a county bureau deputy director of what, at the beginning of the Chen Chuanzhong ,or that his Hill Public Security Deputy Director of the Bureau ,he is no afraid ,say that Zhou Mingbo is only Tao County Public Security Bureau deputy director ,he was worried ,but also for Li Jun and Zhou Xiaowei to worry about .
The car out of the Clay County ,Liu Gang again in case the thought ,as if someone was following what, he also did not understand ,with Ling smiled and Xiao Xiao two occupation the special forces ,to track them not to be found ,it was not easy ,he is more concerned about the current case ,Zheng Yu case ,there are too many people can not understand the place ,first of all ,when Zheng Yu and Guo Yurong together in the face of beach ,arguably, two people should live together ,if it is to live together, and Zheng Yu would be how ?If you don that Guo Yurong also lived in what place ?Together with Sun Hong ?This appears unlikely, Sun Hong although there are some good-looking ,but Timberland Womens Sandals,it is difficult to enter a law appoint clerical eyes ,but ,they want to be together, sun red should be active to confess ,even when she and Zheng Yu together with Guo Yurong things couldn say that out ,no reason to withhold this point .
Secondly ,when Zheng Yu and Guo Yurong together ,report of the time ,and they leave the face beach coincides with the time ,how can Guo Yurong let Zheng Yu reported ?Even though Zheng Yu is ,the circumstance at that time, Guo Yurong would not let Zheng Yu reported, because once the report, it would probably be found on the head of Guo Yurong ,then in a beach three man ,who also could not escape the suspects, however ,Zheng Yu was actually filed, but also set up ,Guo Yurong said that if not know ,can be obtained from the file ,then the case ,did not find any of the suspects, ask ,can be said to be almost directly investigate in the dark sun Laize ,from this point of view ,that Guo Yurong is known, otherwise ,how it will look into other people ,at least ,is symbolic of the investigation, Guo Yurong actually in this case, what is the role of ?Also, it is old issue, Sun Laize why should my own sister ?From Sun Hong description, sun Laize on his own sister ,that is love, even ,also to Zheng Yu ,almost killing ,sun Laize own confession of re-injury case ,just because somebody flirt with Zheng Yu ,there are several injury case, but also because of Zheng Yu ,what is the reason, let him one of their own protection of the person ?Liu Gang close eye meditation ,but Ming Xueyan and a few people become a hit ,it is a girl, a common language ,especially the two Zhai Ling sisters ,was interviewed Liu Gang ,Liu Gang Ming snow geese are colleagues ,it is naturally understand Liu Gang ,even though Zhai Ling is the proud woman ,is also active and bright snow geese set almost ,work up ,she was very much involved .
Ming Xueyan Liu Gang for the captain ,but it almost worship ,is naturally in every sense of the word, it does not mean that Liu Gang for some of the case, as long as they do not involve the confidentiality and privacy ,that is simply speak without reserve ,reserve ,only two reporters to ferry ferry flavor ,is Ling smiled and Xiao Xiao ,also heard some trance .
Clay County to Yang Ming City ,also a few kilometers ,and all are all of the same colour cement road ,imperceptibly ,they entered the Ming Yang ,and at this time, Liu Gang hasn a stature Chou Yinmao ,without a clue .
What Have a look on me ,also a bit, Liu Gang immediately word . There a casserole ,taste very good, we go to eat casserole . took the lead in the open ,Ming Yang she also visited many times .
In addition to Liu Gang car and drive the master, it is the girls ,girls yearn for snacks ,it is far more than dinner ,therefore ,is not opposed ,driving instructors is a be scanty of words people ,along the way, almost no spoken, the same is not open ,of course ,he a driving master ,also not ask him ,as Liu Gang ,that is a money character ,what to eat ,he decided not to the same wheel .
Zhai Yun Zhai ,reporter ,we do a case ,your own arrangements . after a meal, and two more ,because the case involves individual privacy ,Liu Gang nature makes it impossible for the two reporters following .
Oh ,you want a car? Zhai Yun immediately said . we call a taxi on the line . Liu Gangyao shook his head ,not that they don cars ,even need it ,he would not use Zhai Yun their car ,so ,too easy to expose them .
Leave a few people ,and they hit a taxi ,to the hospital .In Chinese medicine hospital clinic on the turn ,nor seen hanging with Zheng Yu brand ,bright snow geese slightly around, knows Zheng Yu is the pediatric nurse .
Entered the paediatric building ,on the wall, hanging the doctors and nurses nurse photos ,nurses in top center column ,a name ,is Zheng Yu .The photos ,Zheng Yu said not beautiful ,can only say is good, appearance looks and Sun Laize have a somewhat similar ,are brother and sister said ,should be more reliable .
In the head nurse ,two people quickly on the floor, upstairs is the nurse head nurse nurse ,and ,in the next office ,the door unlocked ,that they knocked on the door . Please come in the house came a rather gentle voice .
Push the door ,the office, sat a female nurse ,is a photo of Zheng Yu ,Zheng Yu looks even younger than the actual age ,about as Ershisiwu appearance ,stature is high, a little fat ,skin white and tender ,than is generally good ,although cannot say what is beauty ,but absolutely beautiful ,especially the two huge Ru room ,will nurse top high arched Mens Timberland Radler Trail Camp,nurse, above a button buckle ,clearly visible cleavage .
Whom are you looking for ... ... Female nurses saw two people ,immediately stood up ,asked softly . Hello ,are you Zheng Yu ? Although it has been from the walls of the photo recognized Zheng Yu ,Ming snow geese was asked about the sentence ,is the police occupation habits .
I am Zheng Yu ,you are ... ... Female nurses some doubts at two people ,two people ,it seems like the families of patients . We are with the vice squad ,this is our captain Liu Gang ,we look for you ,is because the case involves you ,hope to find you check the situation .
Ming Xueyan revealed his police officer certificate . Sorry ,I have no time now ,please go out Zheng Yu suddenly changed, followed by the order for guests to leave and she herself ,is to go to the outside .
Zheng Yu ,in coordination with the public security organs of investigation ,is every citizen timberland boots cheap,please cooperate with us that they blocked Zheng Yu ,the light ,she is a vengeful personality ,know the merits of her ,for Zheng Yu the victim ,and not much sympathy ,in her eyes ,that is the magic of a nest .
You get out of my way, or I call the Zheng Yu obviously some confusion . If you are not afraid of things people know ,I have no opinion of that bird cold back . What I have would know .
.. ... Zheng Yu suddenly changed, just ,pronounced guilty ,sound instinct of a small number of . Miss Zheng Yu ,we are talking about here ,or find another place ? Ming Xueyan eyes flashed a disdain .
You shut the door . hesitated slightly ,whispered word . Miss Zheng Yu ,sit down. they closed the door ,went to the front office, sitting at the desk next to a stool ,took out a book ,Zheng Yu sat down in his chair ,looked very feel constrained and uneasy .
Last July 15th, where are you? Liu Gang is sitting opposite Zheng Yuzheng on the bench, he did not directly ask the thing ,he came to Zheng Yu ,its original purpose ,nor why case .
In July 15th, don Zheng Yu was stupefied, some doubt shook his head . You have been to a beach last year ? See Zheng Yu is not lying ,Liu Gang asked again . Go ... ... Have been to .
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