Michael's technology is endless

December 04 [Wed], 2013, 15:02

Sources, Chee WPI brawl and Kenyon Martin despite fierce, but they did not do it, and had a settlement before the game, but as to why two people quarrel broke out,adidas porsche athletic ii uk is still unknown. So far this season, Tsu WPI averaged 6 points and 2.4 rebounds and 0.7 assists, hit 36.1% and Martin to 3.7 points and 4.2 rebounds and 1.7 assists, hit ratio is 53.1%.

Last 7 games the Lakers won 5 games, winning percentage nearly more than 50%. Truce without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers did not become a bad team in the West, such a performance even more than the big four last season at the same time. But the Lakers ' problem is very obvious, they have to get rid of 102.9 points, ranking third from bottom of the League. Therefore, they must improve their defense, especially inside the defensive situation. Deandongni is a typical attack coach, but Lakers ' configuration does not make offensive and ease. They averaged 101 points this season, ranks Union 14 top middle. So keep attacking at the same time, they need to upgrade on defense.

"Michael's technology is endless, almost no corner of the pitch to score," Spokane, "said team system different and different, but the routines and professionalism of the team, but no change. A more mature, he will be able to seize the opportunities placed before him. "Beijing time on December 3, the Houston Chronicle, news, rockets forward-Chandler Parsons against the Spurs ' race to the last moment, in a dunk, unfortunately, he hurt his back. His play today in rocket's game against the jazz, adidas porsche typ 64 uk is still undecided – James then why Knight decided to leave? In addition to champion longing and Miami Beach, Cleveland conditions is also a major cause of the city itself.

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