strength with Stone declared looked

October 09 [Tue], 2012, 11:54

The> terrorist power of the blow, we can imagine. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm Shixuan Jiang endured already flocked to the blood of the throat, shaking whisk chest stood up. Saw side Daiyu is hand pressing the left side of the chest, slender fingers, slowly oozing blood out of her a pair of eyes, shot a very angry look, watching the distant stone declared. That bombers flying stone suddenly declared precisely square Daiyu summon. Punched punch flutter in Stone declared over, the party Daiyu will summon called out just pounced Stone declared behind punch cross-smashing, the stone declared will be wrecked fly out. Large body of nearly three meters high, like magic footer condensed by a burning stone blocks, there is no clear facial features, head like a big ball of flames, flames can vaguely see a demonic face. Magma demon by the growth stage of evolution more powerful summon maturity summon: the magma the devil. Quality: God order. Life: 4800 Attack: 940 Defense: 500 points Introduction: creatures living hell magma,Infant's UGG Erin Sale, unbeatable devil flame forces will display their various Fire Magic has super attack force, which is a comparable to God The magic of life body! Stone declared scanner received cable to this magma devil, the entire people are shocked. Data, not just their own far than not, even if that took Liangbing green containers full offensive weapons soldiers Tow also only attack one Kankan can compare with the 500-point defense, meaning forward to the the Nantian city now, can hurt the people had only magma devil, one of the few, even if it is a stone declared, each hit once only for harm to the dozens of points of the value of life. Stone declared suddenly appear to intervene, and another few people stopped the hands. Besieged and wounded warrior woman saw the Stone declared, can not help but cried aloud: Stone declared reluctantly she smiled, and said: Used together in the novice jungle fighting to survive, went out of partners, who saved the life of Stone declared white, blue, and have also lost the bet Stone declared the money, hurt Tian Meifeng last joined the soldiers Union now soldiers League deputy head of the white-blue. Stone declared suddenly appeared, now white, blue, really surprised speechless, strong waves can not explain the feelings of guilt welling up: declared shook his head, eyes sharp up, gazed in another few people,Nike Air Max Skyline Outlet, lightly: resentment authentic: That male archers holding the hands of the sallow big bow, aimed at two, ghastly sneer: , someone gave you a nickname what 'bloody kill God', says you can play 10, but you do today, but it got him not to mess with people, kid, you hope for the best right. two male soldiers waved their weapons, and loudly: Startled by startled male soldiers just out of a few steps and stopped, said: The two soldiers snapped, did not dare to speak of Tuikai. Clutching his chest, slowly came up, in the eyes of the party Daiyu Pan shot with an odd light, unable to speak out his hand, looked at the blood on the palm of your hand, and whispered: the blood, nor been injured, can not think of today ... actually will hurt in a strange kid hands ironic ... kill this kid,Northface Women's Bionic, who would dare to intervene, I could not even kill! three-meter-high body, and suddenly one vertical, and then fall, to stone declared and white and blue front. Square Daiyu Stone declared not terrible, but the only magma devil, but it is extremely frightening. Hearts secretly regretting Clear giant elephant beast, a series of launch three recorded Bai Jie, you are standing in the woman, only summon me to deal with! White, blue have only lasting about a thousand points, but as a second-order soldiers, since other people do not intervene, only to face this side Daiyu I, but she is also afraid. Not all Summoner I like Stone declared so perverted terrible majority Summoner, are dependent on their own summon to survive, even if the party Daiyu is no exception. Hands clasped handshake Aedes double-edged sword, white, blue and fulminates against cry: Two male soldiers and male archers, had to stand watching his sister's side to pick two, but did not dare to intervene, since it is a member of the death, who do not know the temper of the devil Nuria? Although her usually looks very gentle, even giving a very quiet and weak feeling, but in fact, once her fury to become better than even death boss Bi Dongwon more daunting. Now she says will allow other people to intervene, this trio really dare to intervene, or who knows she will huff, even together they kill? The devil Nuria has always Shuiyibuer. Dan Xiao Fang Daiyu bang, the renowned white blue oblique rushing, intercepted own flutter to Male the Summoner Stone declared the potential child, they also stopped to laugh a two channel: must beat the soldiers? square Daiyu left Shouyi Zhao suddenly thrown, I saw a group of about basketball size fireball Bear slamming a singular trajectory in the air, severely hit the white and blue body. The cry Menheng,UGG Patent Paisley Boots, white, blue and could not help but back two steps. White Blue busy Shoujian Raoshen the one turn the force anti Summoner single attack magic Party the Daiyu thrown a fireball, mouth low laugh loudly, Fangtianhuaji mortal to throw heavy top pick in the sword and shield of white down, issued a harsh differences Xiao Zheng slamming at the same time, her left hand Jizhang, mouth chanted two mortal ground, you see a group of huge fireball appeared in the white, blue side, suddenly, this huge fireball exploded, forming a swirling firestorms. White blue exclamation, suddenly rolled into. See the other side of the stone declared the look of the earthquake, this side of her is not only summon herself as abnormal powerful, so strength with Stone declared looked faint feeling par. The face of the the only magma devil, Stone declared and he summoned Orc wolf beast swim bucket the way each magma devil chasing to Shek declared man wolf beast distance ejected fengren attack came, while the magma devil enraged chase to the Wolf beast, stone Xuanze Li engraved attack will throw Chilong gun, but as long as this magma devil turned chase immediately escape. So swim bucket, while, kept the only magma devil excited too roar again and again, and pretty helpless. Magma devil natural wolf beast than a man is much more powerful, but only to catch up with the speed, but slightly better than. Worked closely with Stone declared and people wolf beast temporarily terrible magma devil delaying originally expect white blue can make use of the advantage of the warrior, these side Daiyu get, but do not want the two sides to gestures two rounds, white drop on fall into this side of her is magic Soul fireball The damage is terrible, especially the Soon as Qing Xiao, Firefox has a red fur beast come in the field, followed by like a rocket shot to the side Daiyu. ! ~! . . <

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