basketball club 

October 18 [Tue], 2005, 10:49
I went to the basketball club today. I've played basketball for 9 years, but i can't play well. I just like basketball. I always thought to stop playing, but I'm continuing, I don't know why. But the purpose oh this time is to make friends and to have more opportunities to speak with british people. I can't always understand native english. It is always difficult. Today's training is a little hard for me. I wanted to speak more, but i couldn't today. I have to be less to speak japanese here. But it's the big problem.
I always think about such a thing....


October 17 [Mon], 2005, 7:14
one of my flatmates cook for dinner tonight. it's very nice. there are 8 people today at dinner. it's very hard for me to keep up their talking. I always silent in front of many people. Because I can't have confidence with my english. I'm always nervous to speak english. I know it's important to speak if I want to speak more. I can speak with a person or two persons, but it's very hard with more than 2. I always alone when many people in our flat or other places. But i have to speak more and more. Don't be afraid to speak english!!!

japanese friend 

October 16 [Sun], 2005, 11:23
when i came here, i thought i didn' want to make japanese friends. becasue i had arleady very nice friends in japan and i came here to master english. i shouldn't speak japanese. now i have only a japanese friends, she teach me english and give me motivation. i learn from her many things. i wrote about this things other web site in japanese. my mother watched it. she looks like she doesn't want me to make japanese friends and keep diary in japanese. how should i do? i know she wants me to master english and i rent much and much money from her. but thanks to my japanese friend, i did't feel homrsickness and made many foreigner friends. am i wrong??


October 09 [Sun], 2005, 10:32
Today will be a day I can't forget.
I went to London with my friends, it was fun. It doesn't matter.
The problem was after I came back.
One of my flatmates felt sick, so she ask me to call reception. She looked very bad. I called home office. At the first time, I could understand. But next, I couldn't understand. It made the reception angry. I asked another flatmate to call again, and he helped me. I was embarrassed. No, I was very depressed. I apologied them. They said it's ok. I felt I had to study more and more and more. I said this to my flatmate, she said I am always with Japanese friend. That's why I can't improve my English. She is right.
When I came here for the first time, I thought I didn't want to Japanese friends. But actually, I am with a Japanese friend. But the reason I made friends with her is not only because she is Japanese. Of course it is one of the reasons. But it isn't everything.
I tried to think speaking Japanese is not bad thing. But it was false. She also said I should join others. She is very nice. Of course, my japanese friends are very nice and important, but I came here in order to improve my English. I have to speak English with my japanese friends and ask them to teach me.
I am lucky to have such a flatmate. Is it too late to join them? Anyway I should try.
The one of my aim tomorrow is that speaking with fratmates more and ask them to teach me english. adn join them.

normal days 

October 07 [Fri], 2005, 6:44
I didn't do anything especially today.
I went to school and took class. I couldn't speak today too.
I have to review my textbook.
Now one of my flatmates' girlfriend come our flat. She is very nice.
I want to talk more and more...

first presentation 

October 05 [Wed], 2005, 10:52
We did presentation about the article we choose in today's class. I choose the topic about the EU, because i stidied in Japan a little. I knew about this, but my presentation was terrible. I couldn't speak fluently. I couldn't say what i wanted to say immediately.
I have to do better next time.


October 04 [Tue], 2005, 10:13
Today we have class only in the afternoon, so I stayed in my flat in the morning.
Almost other flatmates went out except the British guy. I'm poor at speaking with him especially. I can't understand any English, and his is much difficult for me. I talked with him, but that was the very short conversation. I wanted to speak more and more, but I don't know how I can say. It's very difficult. I know this is one of the problem I have to improve.
He knows I can't speak and understand English, so he doesn't try to speak with me more than he need. But I shouldn't give up.
We studied about the report in our class. We divided into the groups and had to make easy report. However, my members didn't know what should we write down on the introduction or findings or conclusion. They tried to write down in wrong way, I tried to stop and explain, but I couldn't say appropriately. So, ours was terrible.
In the dinner, the flatmates talked about indecent stories, It's very unsual for me. I want to learn more decent English.

Nice to meet you! 

October 04 [Tue], 2005, 5:59
I'm a student studying in UK. Almost a month has passed since I came here.
I'll write down the days here and what I feel and think about every day.
Writing down in English and open this, I try to write English taking care about the grammer and spelling. That's why I start this.
I hope I'll improve my english step by step.
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