again crossing the robbery

November 15 [Thu], 2012, 10:34

> Two hundred and ninetieth chapters crossing the robbery umbrella Thunderbolt on the white ape instantly connected to the transition of robbery umbrella, the sky suddenly flashed a thunderous endless began to gather. Vast Tianwei, people can not help but give birth to a feeling of pay homage to the foot of the The black sè the lake dàng Waterfront up. Like to enjoy the atmosphere. The great tragedy, a link monks qualitative change, like diving dragon mén after the ride, you can Xiongbayifang, with the world looking up the repair. Virtual shadow nodded, flying Tuikai the. Robbery of heaven and earth, is not a stranger to help, if the crossing and was robbed by standing in the same area, it may be led to more powerful the tragedy. Suppressed as the wrath of God. The small words intently watching Sky Thundercloud changes. Only came to see the big ape white tragedy, the main reason is you want to understand this tragedy, being robbed from apes white crossing identify useful. Rumbling ...... breath, getting stronger. Do not know how long to turn a blind eye to the ape white suddenly opened his eyes, eyes flash is almost at the same time, the top of a Black and Purple sè Ray Gang piercing down. Lei Gang H terror, almost these place in the world gave penetrated the surrounding smog thorough tragedy broken up above the surrounding ground, there has been a rift, following the the black sè marsh lake deep depression down. Ape white right hand stretched out, fingers fist. Layer of ring-shaped magnetic field to spread his fist. Bang. Not a cent concession ape white fist fiercely H in the top of the Lei Gang to strong I Yang Kai. Foot of the lake is like been the shares I bō to burst open, black sè lake spill out from the lake flows surrounding the lake bottom, one with a forest of white bones, and significant lù out. The apes white standing in the middle of stronger momentum. Punch to break mine. The momentum of the sky, like Avatar, but small words, but the discovery of the Octavia, ape white that fist right hand trembling. The power of the big tragedy beyond his imagination, just the first mine robbed, there is such power and influence. Such Lei Gang, I am afraid even six Sanxian the robbery last tenrai than not. After Lei Gang, is the real tragedy, can make it through it? yīn cloud clouds, the tragedy continues. Strong white apes, break open Lei Gang Road 9, finally could not help but ejected a mouthful of blood. Tragedy, nine amounting to. Nine Lei Gang, representatives unharmed. Seventh Sanxian robbery, it takes sixty-three of Lei Gang, on behalf of seven Thunder robbery. Carry over to be cited under the real tragedy is the six Sanxian robbery of Heaven robbery is in transit robbery after Ray robbery baptism after. Thundercloud looked at the sky, ape white removed from the arms of a gray sè the compass. Compass above, flashing an ancient text, a translucent shroud resorted to after the ape and white of the whole body, the thing, the thing is the Qi Tianfu main prepared for him crossing the robbery. Charlie Ray Gang knives, fiercely bombarded at the top of the shroud,UGG Classic Argyle Knit. Strong ape white Road tenrai hit a staggering, a blood spray again. See this scene, Qi Tianfu main body gently shaking. This magic wand, he let the ape and then take out the white in the inability to cope with the tragedy of his estimate, how to say it should be twenty times mine robbed remove this thing, I did not expect to ape white even so early taken out. The passage of time. A Road tenrai. The apes white body injury is getting heavier and heavier. Until the time when the fifty-second Ray robbery, compass finally withstand the pressure from the split. The compass after chipping, shrouded in white body of the ape guard instantly disappear. Lose the protection of the shield, apes and white body direct violence lù tragedy under the face of the fifty-third cohesion Lei Gang, while shaking his body almost fell down. The supreme emperor's hopeless. The apes White looked up again removed from the sleeve material. The removed is and a white yùsè bottle. Remove this thing, ape white one bottle things are poured into the mouth. The bottle not know is the valuable spiritual yào, entrance ape white body injury after a sharp turn for the better. Boom until the time when falling Lei Gang, ape White's injury has been completely restored, and once again returned to peak condition. Happening boxing An overbearing ancient repair strength, flooding the world, for a moment, as if out of an ancient repair from ancient, into the body of the ape white. This set of boxing, it was not too long ago, in exchange from DING Yan-king of the ancient boxing. Bang ...... Ray Gang fragmentation, ape white rolled to the side. This was the fifty-third Lei Gang, more powerful than the first channel, do not know how many times more powerful. Lei Gang, The He came here is order to to insight seventh Sanxian robbed, if ape white even Ray Gang not survive, then he This time, Qibushibai the run. The ape the white looked small words a subconsciously remove the crossing robbery umbrella,Canada Goose Women Camp Down. Bang ...... and a fall Lei Gang. Dark transit robbery umbrella own fly up the umbrella open,UGG Dylyn, rotating up. Above a dark Talisman flashes connection, like constitute the force of a bully days. Gang thunder fall, hit the umbrella above, a yīn Yang fleeting strong Lei Gang, playing of Ray crystal on the tip of an umbrella, then umbrella page on a branch wood dispersed Talisman, lead to the umbrella body. Poof crossing the robbery umbrella while shaking, the above dozens Talisman broken open. But this strong tenrai, turned out to be block down. Below the apes White saw this scene, could not help but give birth to a feeling of survived. This umbrella, even really so marvelous? DING Yan saw this scene, skinned chōu twitch a few. Worthy of the main government the uncle, use spiritual yào simply is not even bat an eye. Boom. And a tenrai fall, again crossing the robbery umbrella of go, but relatively Talisman transit robbery umbrella, has once again broken dozens. Trick whereabouts. Crossing the robbery umbrella constantly blocked, did not block Lei Gang, the Talisman umbrella page will be broken dozens. Lei Gang falling until the sixty-second, crossing the robbery umbrella Talisman finally completely scrapped. Bang. From the air, the the abandoned transit robbery umbrella directly falling down above no longer the slightest breath. This treasure can be regarded as waste. Nine Lei Gang ape white injury again recovered more than half. Stood up, look at the cohesion tenrai to the sky, eyes flash of war. Finally, a mine robbery. yīn clouds gather, brontosaurus, a Black and Purple sè silent cohesion. Finally a Trick, often overbearing, many monks died under the Road Ray robbery. The roar of terror brontosaurus, roaring sound, straight down. Kaka Ka ...... chipping ground, the huge rift stretched to a time, into the swamp some relatively strong Xiongshou of all silenced a. Tianwei heaven and earth, has the supreme Vaillant for these only instinct Xiongshou, such coercion is the most so that they fear,Canada Goose Lodge Vest. Poof ...... The brontosaurus close apes white 10 m range, the power of destruction suppressed ape white soul, so give him a feeling of despair. Crossing the robbery, not just test ròu body and repair the soul, but also need to test the same soul less absolute crossing, but the tragedy of this iron law, precisely because of this, the male world, many scattered The cents in the strength and ròu body reached, would go the Unreal days Qianxiu Report Abuse. Original mind a while, in the eyes again to restore the Qingming. I saw his right hand stretched it out, facing the space behind a grasp, a dark soul in his hands. Beating the soul exudes the powerful soul bō action. After the the Onio soul, the legendary King of Ghosts Fall of breeding out the spirit realm of the soul of people can force enhance a realm Guards of the treasures, Qi the Tianfu master even gave recruited. Dose Onio soul white ape momentum of a rose, the pomp of the Thunder Dragon, he can no longer be suppressed. At this point, the Thunder Dragon finally fell down. Lei Gang cohesion into Alondra, toward the ape-white head and taken away by Lei Gang, DING Yan clearly see the the Alondra top of the Thunder Dragon, even gave birth to the seven dragon toe seven claw brontosaurus bombers ... The ... purple Lei sky explode, the swamp Jiaohu. The ground, into the charred land, poison gas, also last brontosaurus completely broken up, this area, it is estimated that after a hundred years, are no longer smog. Sky, Lei Yun Xuxu receded. The small words hearts of a tight, spread knowledge cents toward the probe to go ape white. However, when close to the apes White, a force suddenly appeared, his knowledge cents to stand in the outside. As only the presence of a stranger, not Qi, Tianfu main believe, is inevitable. The small words lù a helpless God sè, and take a step back. Qi Tianfu main seeing this, look back, and no longer make things difficult for the small words. After all, before crossing the robbery when crossing the robbery umbrella played a large role. Hum ... between heaven and earth, an inexplicable force suddenly upon us. Just through the mine robbed ape white plate sitting there, the body of the atmosphere, a little faded, final, like Zuohua the general, no vitality ...... (say just before dawn, absolutely just before dawn , finished not sleep, I continue to write, do not QQ Q) [..] .. <

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